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Guitar Amplifier

A guitar amplifier utilizes audio signal provided by a guitar and amplifies that audio. The increased amount of sound is accomplished with a minimal amount of distortion. A guitar amplifier is responsible for changing the audio signal; however most of these devices will also have a speaker which is responsible for playing the amplified audio. […]

Tube Preamp

A tube preamp is a type of amplifier that is capable of providing a realistic sound. The tube preamp includes such applications as microphone and stereo preamplifiers as well as guitar tube preamps and turntable preamplifiers. Any person who is truly a lover of music considers the tube preamp to be an essential part of […]

CB Radio Amplifiers

Citizen-band (CB) radio is a great way to communicate over short distances without having to use a telephone or computer. However, its weak signal is easily overwhelmed when there are stronger signals in the area, making it difficult to hear what other people are saying. One solution to this annoying problem is to use a […]

Broadband Amplifiers

The most popular type of broadband amplifier found in the marketplace today is the compact amplifier platform. They include a variety of RF amplifiers that thoroughly address the very diverse nature of today’s broadband networks. Broadband amplifiers are specifically optimized for both trunk and distribution applications. They are known to provide extreme reliability and are […]

Audio Preamp

An audio preamp is simply a small amplifier that precedes another amplifier in order to prepare the signal for more power from the second amp. The circuitry for this preamp can be housed in a separate component or is can be housed inside of the amplifier. Preamps are used all the time and in many […]

Surround Sound Amplifiers

A surround sound system uses multiple channels and speakers. The listener hears the sound from multiple speakers that are place in front and behind them. Different sound intensities are played through one or more speakers so that the listener enjoys the sound and feel of being surrounded by sound sources all around them. An amplifier […]

Bridgeable Amplifier

People who are not satisfied with the output of their amplifier can bridge the signals to get more amps to their subwoofer. However before you bridge your amplifier to make sure you have one that can be bridged. A bridgeable amplifier is one that is a two channel amplifier. A two channel amplifier is one […]

Audio Power Amplifier

An amplifier is essentially an electronic device that can used to enhance the voltage, or current of a signal. In general, amplifiers are used to amplify the sound signal of audio devices, but can also be used in wireless communications and broadcasting. There are two basic categories of amplifiers – weak signal amplifiers and power […]

Class D Amplifier

The class D amplifier is said to transcend the conventional hi-fi amplifiers. Do not confuse the letter D to stand for digital because it does not. It simply designates the next class of amplifiers after C. They are not a true digital amplifier and only act digitally in the fact that the output drivers are […]

Car Amplifiers

Most factory-provided car audio systems are all right for the average car user, but for the serious audiophiles, they leave a lot to be desired. A car audio system must deal with a lot of issues which normal household audio systems do not have to contend with. One of the most major problems they have […]

Home Theater Amplifiers

While some people mix and match different devices, such as television screens, DVD players, speakers and more to create a home theater system, others prefer to purchase their home theater in a box. In either case, you may find that you desire an amplified and improved sound to your existing system. It is in this […]

Phono Preamp

In the early days when CDs and DVDs were still being thought up in the drawing boards – magnetic cartridge and turntables were the stereo systems of the time. But today, such audio storage and output methods are considered to be obsolete. For people who are still fans of the old music and want to […]

Class T Amplifier

An amplifier is an electronic device that is used to boost the current, power or voltage of a signal. Amplifiers are generally used with audio devices in order to ‘amplify’ the sound signal, but are also employed in broadcasting and wireless communications. Amplifiers can be categorized into two types – power amplifiers, or weak signal […]

Stereo Amplifier

Stereophonic sound often known as stereo is the sound, which produces symmetrical sound effect using more than two audio channels. This gives an impression of sound emerging from all directions. An amplifier is the device used to increase the amplitude of any input signal resulting in increase of gain. Thus, together stereo amplifier is used […]

Microphone Preamp

There are several factors one must take into account when undertaking a recording project and the most important one is whether or not you can actually sing or play an instrument well. Beside this, there are many factors of the equipment variety that will have quite a lot to say in the final sound of […]

Digital Audio Amplifiers

One of the more exciting innovations in audio equipment to come along in recent years has been digital audio amplifiers. While they don’t actually have anything to do with digital music, they provide many advantages over regular amplifiers. Choosing any new amplifier is a difficult choice and there are many features that need to be […]

Home Audio Amplifier

When people say the world amplifier they are usually either referring to those big black boxes blasting sound on the concert stage or maybe the devices installed trucks that drive through cities blaring messages. While those are, of course, examples of amplifiers, amplifiers are actually all around us. In fact, if we did not have […]

McIntosh Power Amplifier

For the casual music listener, it’s not going to be a big deal to buy the fanciest amplifier out there. However, these amplifiers add volume and realism that will make even the slightest audiophile incredible excited. If you are going to take the leap and spend real money on a good amplifier, don’t try to […]

Car Audio Amplifiers

The audio amplifiers in your automobile provide a very valuable part of the audio experience that you will have. The job of the amplifiers are to take the signal from your stereo and turn it into a high level signal that will have the ability to be played on your high powered speakers. The choice […]