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Portable Air Coolers

What do you do when summer is here and the sweltering heat is almost unbearable? Do you swim in cool water, stay outside lazing about under a shade tree? It would be wonderful to say that, in all instances, you can stay inside in a centrally heated facility and luxuriate in the artificially cooled air. […]

Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers are very popular right now because of their unique ability to cool large areas effectively without using the traditional refrigeration techniques that other devices like this one uses. One of the reasons that swamp coolers are so unique is because they are able to cool almost any given space with evaporation, so the […]

Evaporative Cooler

In the long, lazy hot months of the summer time, ingenious human beings will go to any length to get and stay cool. Our earliest ancestors did not have very many options when it came to getting and staying cool, but the historical record shows that they made a great start of it, by choosing […]