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Wireless Game Adapter

Imagine that you have your video game console hooked up in your bedroom along with various other forms of electrical equipment. You have recently purchased a brand-new big-screen HDTV however this is situated downstairs in another room. No doubt, you would love to hook up your console to the new HDTV, but the thought of […]

DVI To HDMI Adapter

High definition or HD televisions are very popular today as they offer a high quality of picture than traditional standard definition. HD televisions are equipped with various connections to support things such as DVD players, satellite or cable television and many game consoles. These products often use DVI or Digital Vision Interface cables and ports […]

VGA to DVI Adapter

In the past decade, LCD has slowly taken over from CRT as the dominant technology for both televisions and computer monitors. This long transition period has resulted in some unusual adapters appearing on the market, such as the VGA to DVI adapter. This is used to convert the VGA socket on a computer to a […]

Bluetooth Headset Adapter

Most of the wireless devices in use today have Bluetooth support, but there are still many around that do not. A Bluetooth headset adapter allows a Bluetooth headset to be used with a device that does not support it. The benefits of using an adapter include the freedom that comes from wearing a wireless headset, […]

XLR Cable Adapters

Electronics today can seem to be little more than a just a jumble of electrical cords and cables. Because of the sheer number of different cables and connectors, choosing the right one can be tricky and difficult. Basically, cables vary with gauge number and with the conductor type that is used. The gauge number is […]

USB 2.0 CardBus Adapter

In the world of modern computing, there are thousands of different pieces of technology available inside a single computer. These take the form of many large boards, long wires and intricately connected circuitry, these, in turn help many complex processes to take place in order to control many peripheral devices. One such technical gadget is […]

SATA to USB Adapter

There are many situations where an internal hard drive fails and you may want to retrieve the files stored in it. While you may not always be so lucky that the hard drive keeps the files stored even after it is damaged, in some cases you might be able to recover everything. However, once the […]

Digital TV Adapter

For those who want the delights of high definition and multimedia access in an easy format, the plug-and-play digital TV adapters can be your best bet. Many of these devices also hook up to the personal computer, making it even more versatile. Below are some of the best-selling digital TV adapters out there: The AVerMedia […]

VoIP Adapter

Are you tired of all the money you have to pay every month for the use of your traditional landline telephone calls? Perhaps you are a small business owner who needs to leave the office on an extended business trip and can not afford to miss your important phone calls. People who want more freedom […]

Xbox Adapter

All the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 come with USB ports for connecting external peripherals such as camera or racing wheels. A WiFi game adapter is required to set up a wireless network for the Xbox console, instead of a generic adapter. These game adapters are designed without the need for driver installation, and thus […]

PCMCIA/CardBus Adapter

A lot of laptops, particularly notebooks are missing a CardBus slot on the computer itself. The good news, is that you can now buy a CardBus adapter to provide the slot for your laptop or notebook. These adapters will usually accept wireless broadband cards, video capture cards, and many others. These adapters can be purchased […]

Bluetooth Phone Adapter

Bluetooth, as we all must know by now, is a technology that allows wireless transfer of data between devices, upto a certain distance. A Bluetooth adapter is required to create a Bluetooth network between two or more devices. A Bluetooth phone adapter is a device that transfers data from your cell phone to a wireless […]

SATA/IDE to USB Adapter

There are many pros and cons that come with the advancements of computer technology. Obviously we all appreciate the fact that our computers have become more efficient, faster, quieter, and are capable of storing so much information. The older computers were much louder, much bigger and they were only able to handle so much information […]

VHS-C Adapter

Do you remember having these as a kid? I sure do. I remember grabbing dad’s old camcorder out and using it for hours on end. I had so much fun lugging that thing around and making my own home videos. At the time though, one thing’s for sure…I wasn’t ever knowledgeable about using a VHS-C […]

USB to Serial Adapter

For many years, the serial port was an essential feature of every new computer and peripheral device. It was as common in the past as the USB port is today, but the serial port has been fading fast from the computing scene in recent years. While many people upgrade their computers every year, some continue […]

SCSI Adapter

SCSI is the second most used interface in computers today. Small Computer System Interface, SCSI or (scuzzy), as it is sometimes called, is based on an older proprietary interface. SCSI was developed by Shugart Associates along with the NCR Corporation in the 1980’s. It is a controller used to power SCSI- enabled devices, as well […]

USB Serial Adapter

Before USB cables became the easiest and most popular way to attach a device to your computer, serial cables were the most popular way to this. These cables could be used for devices ranging from printers to disk drives, and the serial port was almost a standard component of any desktop. Not everybody used devices […]

USB Video Adapter

If you are someone who needs to use more than one monitor but do not want to have to install a second video card, using a USB video adapter could give you the adaptability and compatibility that you need to accomplish this without having to do any modifications. All you will have to do to […]

Memory Card Adapter

As technology develops, so do new ways of storing memory. Memory cards have been used hundreds of different applications, from video game systems to cell phones. They have proven to be a great way to transfer files between different systems, or store files too big for others. Even with the popularity of USB drives and […]

Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter is a device used in the new concept of power line communication, sometimes called power line digital subscriber line or a power line network. The idea is to use power lines as a way of sending and receiving data. This then leads to broadband internet over power lines. By using a powerline […]

DVI To VGA Adapter

One of the major changes that has been occurring in the world of computing over the past few years is the introduction of flat panel monitors. Older monitors with VGA plugs are steadily being replaced by newer monitors with DVI plugs. These two plugs are incompatible with each other because they have different pin numbers […]

PCI Adapter

Personal computers are designed to be modular so that components can be installed and removed as required. The PCI adapter is one of these modular components and has been a standard way of adding new functions to a computer for many years. It is used for video graphics, networking, sound processing, and many other roles. […]

Serial Adapter

Nothing is more annoying than being cramped up in a tight space in your home or workplace office and trying to hook up a printer or scanner to your computer. You want to have your devices placed placed somewhere that is convenient, safe and promotes optimum functionally, but you also don’t want to be up […]

DVI Adapter

The Digital Video Interface (more commonly known as DVI) is a video interface standard designed to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors. In essence, with all the diverse technology available out there, DVI ensures that an image will look just as good on […]

Video Splitter

People who organize and prepare tradeshows, professional sporting events, training seminars, even speakers who present motivational speeches and other such events, use a video splitter to show the same video images on multiple video screens throughout the room or area where there are large groups of people gathered. Using a video splitter allows a large […]

Wireless Laptop Adapter

If you are on the road a lot or travel across the country on a regular basis, you are probably struggling with connection issues for your wireless laptop. You need a wireless laptop adapter to help you get and stay connected. When connecting to the internet, a wireless laptop adapter that is dependable and can […]

HDMI Adapter

If you are interested in the latest in television and gaming technology, then you have probably heard about HDMI adapter usage. If not, then you probably first have to know that HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. The best thing about using an HDMI adapter is that the HDMI can use a single connecting […]