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Door Chime

Remember those old fashioned door knockers? You know the ones, they are often used in horror movies as a joke or an indication that the characters are about to enter a very old and very scary mansion. Well, as scary and symbolic as those door knockers can be, they are also very, very out dated. […]

Electric Door Strikes

For your office complex, your home, or your apartment’s main door, and electric door strike is one of several accessories that can help you improve security, lock out unwanted guests, and keep your living space safe and sound. Known as ‘door releases’ by some, electric door strikes are some of the most common security accessories […]

Electronic Lock

Electronic locks can use various kinds of mechanisms to open doors and activate devices. These can be a simple lock that requires a key or they could be highly complex devices that require some kind of biometric identification. The electronic locks are sometimes called as keyless locks because they do without the traditional keys. They […]

Wireless Keyless Entry

There are many different uses for a wireless keyless entry system in your home and car. These allow you to have access to your property with the simple click of a button or entry of a specific numeric code (depending what type of wireless keyless entry device you are using at that time). These systems […]