Tabletop Water Dispenser

You’ve probably heard people talk about hanging out at the office water cooler or sharing gossip when getting a drink of water, but you might not have ever seen an actual water cooler. Well, real water coolers are usually pretty good sized and somewhat expensive, so if you work in a small office, it’s no wonder you don’t have a full sized cooler. However, your office could invest in a table top water dispenser, a smaller version of the traditional water cooler that generally holds about five gallons of water at a time.

These table top water dispensers are usually around a couple of feet high. They include a base with one or two spouts for water and a slot to place the neck of the large water jug. Once the water jug is in place and the cap removed, all you have to do is press a cup against one of the two spouts to get fresh, purified drinking water without any hassle. What’s even better is that most table top water dispensers have several options.

The first option found in many table top water dispensers is that the water dispenser will chill your water for you. This means you won’t be drinking room temperature water; instead, you’ll be treated to water chilled down to temperatures near 50 degrees Fahrenheit or even colder.

Along the same lines, some table top water dispensers have a second spout for hot water. Some table top water dispensers don’t have this option, but those that do will heat water up to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to make hot tea, hot chocolate, and other powdered drinks without microwaving or otherwise heating up water. Most table top water dispensers that include a hot water spout also feature a child safety lock on that spout. This way, you won’t have to worry about children burning themselves, nor will you have any accidents involving hot water and adults who simply weren’t paying attention to what they were doing.

Another feature some table top water dispensers come with is a storage area under the spout section. Some have this area filled with the chilling or heating devices, but some have compacted those devices so they fit in the upper section of the water dispenser. Instead of wasting the bottom part of the dispenser, you’ll find a nicely-sized storage area that’s perfect for small cups, napkins, straws, and more. Many table top water dispensers don’t include this storage area, but some do—it all depends on how high you want your table top water dispenser to stand. Some dispensers also include this storage area as a separate section you can purchase to turn a table top water dispenser into a free-standing dispenser.

Other features you might find on your table top water dispenser include a drip tray that can be removed for easy cleaning. Your dispenser may also include indicator lights that show when your water is chilled or heated (new bottles of water often take several hours to reach the desired temperature). These indicator lights guarantee you’ll always get water that’s chilled or heated to your preferred temperature instead of lukewarm water that’s neither good to drink nor useful to making hot beverages.

Table top water dispensers do need a table to sit on, and they do need to be near the edge of that table if you’re filling tall cups. While you might think this means that table top water dispensers are portable, they are still fairly heavy, especially with a 5 gallon water bottle attached. Take care when moving them, especially if you’re trying to move one alone.

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