Super Tweeter

Ever get the feeling that your sound system could be just a little better? Does the quality of the sound seem to be lacking something that you can’t quite put your finger on? The problem could simply be that it needs a boost in the higher frequency range. Regular tweeters produce sound right up to the limit of human hearing, but it is often necessary to go beyond that to make the sound really authentic. A super tweeter is smaller than a regular tweeter but it is capable of producing sound with a much higher frequency.

Sound is made up of air pressure waves that have different frequencies, but human hearing is generally limited to frequencies below twenty kilohertz. As every pet owner knows, there are sounds above this limit that can be heard by certain animals. While we cannot hear these sounds directly, their effects are still noticeable. If a sound system is not capable of producing sound beyond the level of human hearing, it may not be able to authentically reproduce a live recording. Of course, the recording technology needs to be sensitive enough to pick up those sounds in the first place.

A super tweeter is a surprisingly small device given that it produces the highest frequencies in a sound system. It has basically the same design as a regular tweeter just with smaller dimensions. Many different designs are available, reflecting the various ways that sound can be produced. There are models that use a simple cone diaphragm, models that use a delicate ribbon diaphragm, and even models that use a piezoelectric crystal to drive the diaphragm. As to which type delivers the best sound, only an audio professional could answer that question after looking at the sound system, the layout of the room, and the many other factors that affect sound quality.

The super tweeter is essentially just another speaker. It has the same list of features that needs to be checked before you decide which one to get. The main features are the frequency response, maximum rated power, sound pressure level, rated impedance, and directivity. If these are meaningless to you, it would be better to seek out the advice of someone who does know before spending a lot of money on a super tweeter. Of course, everyone wants their sound system to look nice so the appearance of the super tweeter also matters. Check out what it looks like next to the other speakers in the tower.

Provided that there is sufficient room in the speaker tower, a super tweeter can be installed right next to a regular tweeter. There are also models with a housing that can be placed on top of the speaker tower or fixed to the side. The wiring is pretty straight forward so you should have no trouble following the instructions included. The super tweeter should come with an internal high-pass filter, allowing it to be connected directly to the amplifier. If it uses a separate filter, for whatever reason, the wiring will take longer but should not be any more difficult.

As every audio enthusiast knows, high-end audio equipment can be hideously expensive. Many beginners have learned the hard way that price should never to be taken as a measure of quality. The super tweeter is no exception, with prices ranging from under $100 for the plain models to well over $1000 for the flashy models. This makes choosing one pretty difficult unless you have a good knowledge of audio technology. Audio enthusiasts consider the super tweeter to be an essential part of a sound system but most people would have trouble hearing any improvement. They should not feel that they are missing out by not upgrading their sound system with one.

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