Submersible Fountain Pumps

If you are putting in a fountain at your home or business then you will need to consider what specific type of fountain pump you are going to use. If you are unfamiliar with fountains in general then you may be a bit confused with the differences between an external and a submersible fountain pump. Generally speaking, an external fountain pump is simply one that is placed outside of the fountain on dry ground. A submersible fountain pump works from within the fountain and is continuously submersed in water. Many believe that external pumps work much better for larger ponds and fountains simply because they have the ability to move larger volumes of water and are much more energy efficient. Ponds and fountains that require larger supplies of water may need larger external pumps because the water itself has to travel farther. This is particularly true when there is a large waterfall used.

Submersible fountain pumps however, work very well in smaller ponds and fountains and they are very easy to install. You simply place the submersible pump in the location that you want it to be in inside the fountain and plug it in. Many submersible pumps also have water and fountain spray attachments that allow you to create a small fountain inside the larger fountain. When choosing which type of pump is best you should take your time and look at the benefits of both types. If you have a smaller pond or a fountain then a submersible fountain pump should work fine. Take some time to note the gallons per hour that the pump you purchase can move. This is important to ensure that the pump works effectively.

When choosing the size of pump that you need there are also a few things that you will need to consider. You should determine how fast you want the water to move. For instance, if you like the sound of roaring water as opposed to a trickling sound then you will need a larger fountain pump. When you purchase a fountain you will normally find the flow that is recommended on the specifications for the fountain. If you are unsure then you can ask the retailer where you purchased the fountain. For fountains that feature waterfalls it is recommended that you need at least 100 gallons per hour of water for each inch of stream width. In other words if your waterfall is six inches wide then you will need a pump that will deliver 600 gallons of water. Again, if you check the specifications for the specific fountain that you purchase then you will learn what size of pump is best to work with that specific fountain.

It is important to understand that most fountain pumps that burn out do so because they become overheated and they become overheated because they are left running when they are dry. A submersible fountain pump will eliminate this problem for the most part and allow you to enjoy your fountain without worries of the pump burning out. You can purchase submersible fountain pumps at most home and garden centers as well as many hardware stores and many online retailers. Choose the pump type and size that you feel is best for your needs. Be sure that you select a model that offers a warranty for at least ninety days. Most will provide a one year warranty for parts. It is also important that you purchase from a reputable dealer to be certain that you receive a high quality product. You can likely purchase a used submersible fountain pump although when you purchase a used product you have no way to ensure that the pump works properly.

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