Sub Zero Refrigerators

In an industry that’s dominated by generic appliance manufacturers, one American-based company has managed to produce quality products that truly stand the test of time. The company is Sub-Zero and its products – a wide range of high quality refrigerators and freezers – are critically acclaimed and immensely popular amongst both home users, commercial chefs, and major culinary experts.

Over the last seventy years, Sub Zero refrigerators have been marked by a reputation for immense innovation and technological improvement. Sub Zero was behind the first free-standing freezer; an amazing achievement that was completed in 1943. Other company innovations include the world’s first built-in refrigerator, which subsequently set the bar for almost all home refrigerator appliances.

But why would anyone, faced with hundreds of low-cost generic appliances, pick a high-end brand such as Sub Zero for their home kitchen. The answer, it seems, doesn’t rest in cost, but in the higher level of quality made possible by such a discerning and innovative manufacturer. Refrigerators from Sub Zero are simply of a higher quality than their competitors, right down to the last small feature.

We’ve looked at the entire lineup of Sub Zero refrigerators, starting from basic models and working up to some of the company’s higher-end equipment. Across all of their refrigerators, some key high-level features became apparent. If you’re interested in purchasing a new refrigerator and would like to know why Sub Zero refrigerators are your best pick, read on to learn more.

Style, Design, and Décor Value
For many people, a refrigerator isn’t just an appliance, it’s an opportunity to add style and grace to a kitchen area. Sub Zero understand this like no other manufacturer out there, producing refrigerators that don’t just function well, but look the part too. Their brushed steel and stainless controls look has been endless imitated, often by competitors that just can’t get the look quite as nice as Sub Zero.

For customers with modern, stylish kitchens, it’s only right for a stylish Sub Zero refrigerator to end up matching their countertops and oven appliances. In fact, many of the customers that end up using a Sub Zero refrigerator walked into the appliance store without any other brand in mind – just desire for a high-end, stylish refrigerator that matched their home’s kitchen counter and other furniture.

However, it’s not just aesthetics that sell Sub Zero refrigerators – it’s their usability design. Unlike many other refrigerators, which are fitted with controls on their interior and hard-to-reach panel in the rear, Sub Zero refrigerators are built with total usability in mind. Tweaking the temperature and making minor adjustments takes seconds, unlike the minutes required on many other refrigerators.

Alongside this are slim opening handles, a profile that’s relatively sleek and difficult to clash against other appliances, and an exterior that’s very difficult to damage. While style certainly plays a role in the success of Sub Zero refrigerators, it’s by no means their defining feature. Simple usability, style that’s second to none, and an immense range of useful design features makes these fridges a hit.

Built-In Design and Immense Food Preservation Power
The purpose of any refrigerator isn’t necessarily to look good or blend in with décor, but to cool and preserve food and cooking ingredients. On this front, Sub Zero once again beats the competition – a key reason for their fridges’ success. Using an industry-leading ‘dual refrigeration’ technology, many Sub Zero refrigerators are capable of keeping food fresh, cool, and edible for longer than others.

This is achieved by moving fresh air throughout the fridge itself more frequently, allowing foods to keep their natural taste and texture. It’s also made possible by a more stable temperature level in the fridge itself, which ensures that foods remain at the same level of consistency and softness. It’s even capable of preserving frozen foods for a longer amount of time, albeit obviously in its freezer area.

Due to its built-in design – another first from the company – a Sub Zero refrigerator offers a larger amount of usable space for home users. This allows users to spread their food wide rather than into the refrigerator’s depths, making almost every stored dish more accessible. For example, a tin that’s stored within a Sub Zero refrigerator is accessible from any angle, even with other items inside.

While Sub Zero refrigerators are priced above those from other manufacturers, have a significantly larger total size than many others, and can require slightly more initial configuration than the other fridges available, they remain a favorite of professionals for a reason. If you need fresh food in any moment, forget about the cost and size – a Sub Zero refrigerator is by far your best kitchen option.

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