String Trimmer

In the gardening industry, a string trimmer was introduced as a tool for landscaping work. It was designed to be able to simply and effectively cut both grass and weeds. This piece of landscaping equipment is more commonly known as a weed whacker, but it is labelled by many other names as well. String trimmers can be purchased at most hardware stores and garden supply stores. The tool is effective in all sizes of gardens and most home lawns. In some cases, a string trimmer can be more useful than a lawnmower.

How is a String Trimmer Designed?

A string trimmer is designed with a string that connects to a head, which rotates continuously at a vigorous rate. Over the rotating head will be a partial shield that is used to protect the user and others from being hurt or injured. The unit is designed to provide a fast speed rotation of the head and string when it is powered on. This will result in a stiffened string that can effectively cut many things such as grass and weeds.

Why the String Trimmer is Better than a Lawnmower

The string trimmer is likely not a good replacement for the lawnmower in most cases, but it is a great addition and can be a suitable alternative for some people. The main advantage that the string trimmer has over the lawnmower is that it is extremely easy to handle. The string trimmer is best suited for being used in slightly enclosed areas. It would be effective if you were attempting to cut any grass or weeds that are close to your house, shed, and etc. These are areas where your lawnmower would not be able to cut properly. Even tall grass can be cut more effectively with a string trimmer than a lawnmower.

If you need to cut anything that is need your garden or flower bed, then the string trimmer would be better off as it decreases the risk of cutting something you do not want to cut. So, if precise cutting were necessary, then the string trimmer would prosper over the lawnmower once again.

Types of Power Sources for Gas Trimmers

A string trimmer can be powered by a number of different ways. For instance, there are gas-powered models that are extremely effective. They are loud when in use but they will show very good results. The electric models are also decent but there may be some issues with them. You can find cordless electric models, but this will require them to be charged frequently. The corded models will also be a hassle to use. Also, electric string trimmers are not nearly as strong as gas-powered string trimmers.
Final Thoughts

A string trimmer is far superior to a lawnmower in many aspects of lawn care. It can do a lot of things that a lawnmower cannot do. This is because of the design of the string trimmer. It is made to be easy to operate in the more confined and cornered areas of your yard. You can cut both grass and weeds that are right up close to a building, pathway, and more. This is something that you would not be able to accomplish with any lawnmower.

This article is not saying that the string trimmer should be bought to replace the lawnmower. In fact, it would be best if you had both pieces of equipment. Then, you can get the quick and efficient grass cutting from your lawnmower, and work on the fine cutting with the string trimmer. To close, the string trimmer is a very useful tool that could improve the convenience and ability of lawn care for just about anyone.

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