Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A stick vacuum cleaner, also known as an upright vacuum cleaner, gets its name from its characteristic rod-like shape which facilitates the person to use them with minimal bending. The principle of the stick vacuum cleaner is the same as that of any other standard vacuum cleaner; the only difference is in the manner in which the components are arranged and in the fact that this vacuum cleaner can be used in an upright position.

The main functional part of the stick vacuum cleaner is built at the base, the portion which comes in contact with the surface that is being cleaned. There is a brush wheel at the furthest end. A motor energizes this brush wheel. It can be given a rotator as well as a vibratory motion. When the brush wheel moves, it can very easily scrape off even the most obstinate of dirt particles from the surface that it is cleaning. Due to the motion of the brush wheel, the particles are pushed in a backward direction as they are removed from the surface.

The second important component is a fan which is responsible for producing the suction. The blades of the fan are arranged in a particular manner so that when it rotates, the area in front of it is at a high pressure while the area behind it is at a low pressure. Air always moves from a high pressure area to a low pressure area. This direction of wind takes along the recently removed dirt particles.

A collector bag is placed somewhere on the path of the air current that is produced. Based on the position of this collector bag, there are two kinds of stick vacuum cleaners – the ones in which the collector unit is placed in front of the fan and the other in which it is placed behind the fan. These are simply called as dirty fan and clean fan depending on whether the dirt has to pass through the fan or not before it can be collected. The dirty fan vacuum cleaners provide a greater cleaning efficiency because they have bigger blades and a shorter path for the air current which allows the dirt particles to be collected more effectively.

There is a special modification available with stick vacuum cleaners nowadays, which are simply known as the bagless vacuum cleaners. These cleaners do not need collection bags. In usual vacuum cleaners, collection bags are used, which need to be replaced when they are full. However, with bagless vacuum cleaners, this problem does not exist. There is a disposal compartment in which the dirt accumulates. When it is full, there is a visual indication that alerts the user to empty the disposal compartment. No replacements are necessary.

Most stick vacuum cleaners today are cordless. These run on battery power. They add to the convenience of the appliance because the user does not need to deal with cumbersome cords. However, there is the inconvenience of the batteries running out and needing replacements. Rechargeable batteries are the best options to be used here. Some of these appliances also have their own charging stations.

The popularity of the stick vacuum cleaners stems from the fact that they are easy to navigate and have considerable efficiency. They do not need any setting up, especially with the bagless versions. They are comfortably handheld and are quite convenient even for minor cleaning work such as liquid spills. It is quite easy to bring them out and use them to spot-clean the particular area. To add to their benefits, stick vacuum cleaners are much cheaper than their heavier counterparts. Though some people denounce them for their inferior efficiency, they are still a commonplace item in most homes.

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