Stereo Receiver

Stereo receivers are electrical devices which decode signals coming from different sources into sound through headphones or speakers. They are a major part of home theater systems as they can transmit sound and video to the TV and speakers. There are lots of different kinds of stereo receivers available depending on their quality, size, coverage and style.

The name “receiver” emerged because it was used to receive FM and AM signals initially with a built in tuner. However, today a wide array of input can transmit the signal for which it can produce audio and video as output. In addition to the radio signals available in the satellite, it can also play CD, mp3s and HD radio.

Besides these, the other option which it can play includes DVD and Blu-ray disc. It uses an antenna to catch the satellite transmissions. The recent stereo receiver can also be used with a computer to view the streaming video in the desktop.

A stereo receiver is built with the reading capacity of different formats available for the purpose to producing a clear image and sound. Some of them come with Dolby Digital and DTS for superb sound quality, and many different types are designed with a high power output and high clarity. This is very essential for home systems which include features like surround sound, large screen television and advanced technology like TrueHD or Blu-ray disc.

A general stereo receiver has two channels for sound amplifying, which are the left and right channel. However, the most advanced ones such as 5.1 and 7.1 stereo receivers have 5 and 7 channels respectively which surround the user from all directions. This allows it to create a virtual 3D sound system.

The amount of components used in a stereo receiver can make it very complicated to hook up. A receiver can contain many different input and output such as S-video, analog/digital audio, HDMI, component and optical video. Since technology is always changing, there are adapters which can convert one type of input/output into another.

Let us review some of the products available in the market.

Teac AG-790A Budget Stereo Receiver
Teac is one of the best manufacturers of high quality tape decks and computer drives. Their AG-790 is rated at 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms. It has binding post speaker terminals with A/B switching between the 2 pairs of speakers. It has an auto tuning control and to store ones favorite radio stations there are 30 AM and 30 FM storage spaces. The AG 790 has one audio output just like any other, but the significance of this stereo receiver is that it has four audio inputs which include tape, CD, phono and Video/Aux input. Apart from that, an infrared remote control brings ease in controlling.

Sherwood RX-4503 Budget Stereo Receiver
This 2.1 channel receiver operates with 100 watts and has a very powerful subwoofer featuring Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone for producing a surround sound effect. To connect with a Blu-ray player, it is equipped with analog input of 6 channels. The RX 4503 includes FM and AM tuners, A/B switching, a Bluetooth receiver and a front panel input for using it with a portable music player.

Denon DRA-297 Budget Stereo Receiver
Denon is considered as a high tech brand in the market, and their DRA-297 is the first product to be manufactured. It operates with only 50 watts and is sensitive to frequencies ranging from 10 Hz to 100 kHz. It allows two speakers to be connected using its A-B feature. The AM/FM tuner allows it to keep track for 56 stations and has a port for iPod docking. It has ports for five audio and three video input sources and for sound purity it bypasses the unnecessary circuits using Pure Direct mode.

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