Stereo Headsets

Stereophonic sound (stereo) is what is heard in a stereo headset. This is a combination of multiple audio channels which results in a feeling of 3D sound being created. With a stereo headset it will give you the impression that the sound is coming from multiple directions. The result of this is a more natural audio that can ultimately make a stereo headset preferable over normal speakers. Monophonic sound (mono) is substantially different and less preferred as it uses a single channel and is less natural feeling.

Basically, a stereo headset plays stereophonic sound in the headphones. The result of this is a more realistic sound. For the best results, both ear pieces will need to be completely in your ear. The idea of stereo sound is that it gives a 3D, live, and natural feeling and this cannot be accomplished with a single ear piece in your ear. For actual stereo sound with a stereo headset it is required that you always use both ear pieces. Also, these headsets are available in various designs and the quality will vary dramatically by brand/model.

Types of Stereo Headsets
There are many different types of stereo headsets. You can purchase the older style headphones which have large ear pieces. This style of headphones is still created today and the quality has been improved dramatically. The highest quality headphones are designed this way. You can also purchase earbud styled headphones which are commonly used with MP3 players, computers, and cell phones. These earphones also play stereo sound and are usually less expensive but may not be as high quality.

Headphones vs. Earphones
When comparing headphones (large ear pieces) to earphones (small ear buds) there are a number of factors to consider. The obvious advantage that earphones have over headphones is that they are compact. Headphones are not nearly as easy to wear in public and in general they can be less comfortable for many. Earphones are also available in multiple designs such as the in-ear and over-ear designs.

There are still many disadvantages with earphones though. The quality is the main reason why you should choose headphones over earphones. When buying a top of the line stereo headset the quality will be great in both headphones and earphones but the headphones will almost always be superior. On the other hand, the price may reflect this as most good headphones are more expensive than earphones.

Stereo Headset vs. Mono Headset
Most headsets are made to play stereophonic sound but there are still some headsets designed to play monophonic sound. It would be highly recommended to choose a stereo headset over a mono headset though and there is one major reason for this. This is simply because of the sound quality. Overall the quality of stereo headsets is far superior to the quality of mono headsets.

There is only one situation where a mono headset can at least match the performance of a stereo headset. This would be during a phone call where it is just talking that is played on the headset. Most cell phones are designed with a MP3 player included or at least can play a few songs, so this may be an issue. You should check if the cell phone includes a stereo headset or mono headset as it is highly possible that it is in fact a mono headset.

The difference in sound quality is not significant with a stereo headset when talking though. So, for the sake of keeping a high quality MP3 playback, you should use a stereo headset with your cell phone instead of a mono headset. Additionally, when looking for a high quality stereo headset you will want to do some further research on the topic and brands/models available before making a purchase.

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