Stereo Amplifier

Stereophonic sound often known as stereo is the sound, which produces symmetrical sound effect using more than two audio channels. This gives an impression of sound emerging from all directions. An amplifier is the device used to increase the amplitude of any input signal resulting in increase of gain. Thus, together stereo amplifier is used to increase the stereo sound effect giving it a natural feel. You can see amplifiers in television, computers and music system. Sound is created when atmosphere experiences vibrations. Next, air particles collide with each other and make other particles around them vibrate thus, carrying out the vibrations throughout. We are able to hear the sound when these vibrations use electronic signals that can be processed by human brain.

Sound equipment converts electric signals into sound waves. Initially, diaphragm located in microphone is moved by sound waves and then is translated into electric signal. The fluctuation in signal indicates compressions and the rarefaction effects of wave. Next, recording equipment then identifies the pattern and the player translates this pattern into electric signal, thereby recreating the original fluctuations. These procedures require very less electric charge, but the last step where fluctuations make speaker cone requires a boost in electric current. The boost provided must not distort the original signal without disturbing the pattern. This boost in signal is given by amplifier. Though the purpose of amplifier is very limited, the construction of amplifier circuit can be a complex task.

The working of amplifier depends on input/output signal and current supply. If amplifier is used in household environment, then it must convert the alternating current into battery type current means direct current, as the AC current gives pulses in current and speaker needs even signals. Two circuits are used for amplifier to work. One is input circuit and other is output circuit. An incoming signal is recorded by any medium is input circuit, whereas output circuit is where amplifier creates output signal that is sent to speaker. It processes on the signal using current to produce the new signal with power level required by speakers.

The types of stereo systems available in the market differ in various sizes and price range. Generally, there are three types of stereo system. Hi-fi type gives moderate quality and sound level. Mid-fi type can be used as secondary systems and are economical. Low-fi systems are the cheapest and can be played as boom box. You can connect amplifiers to your mobile phones and in music systems at home. Home stereo amplifiers produce intense quality, smooth, balanced and powerful sound. You can connect home stereo amplifier to other devices that produce sound using speakers. They can boost even the lowest sound signal.  Car stereo amplifiers also work in more or less the same way, thereby enabling you to hear high quality music during a ride in car.

An amplifier circuit constitutes of four or more components, you can use the troubleshooting tricks to solve the problem by yourself.

  • Unplug the amplifier for resetting the components at factory parameters.
  • Press the breaker button at the black panel that closes the circuit avoiding any damage to the components.
  • Check all the connections inside the amplifier after turning on the amplifier. Also, check for loose connections between the speaker and amp.
  • Dial the selector control button on amplifier for different components that will help you in detecting each component and deciding where the problem is.
  • Adjust the balance control knob of speaker to confirm working of each speaker.

Thus, the above information about stereo amplifiers will make you familiarize with the concept and working of stereo amplifiers.

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