Steiner Safari Pro Binoculars

Doctors usually recommend limiting the hours of screen-time, reading under dim-light, and most importantly, shade the eyes from the glaring UV Rays the Sun gives out in order to reduce the stress of the eyes. Yet for those with a taste of expeditions outdoors, the latter cannot be a bigger limiting factor, since binoculars do no more than help direct the UV rays into the eyes.

That is exactly where the Steiner Safari Pro series of binoculars come in handy. The optics are designed such that it limits the amount of UV rays coming in to a comfortable level. Almost all of the UV radiation of type A and type B are blocked by the design of the optics, while the glare of the sun is filtered out to nothing.

The German made optics also gives it just the sense of precision required. This specific German optics is of the Steiner BAK-4 type, which specializes in enhancing the detail and the luminosity of the image. The optics are tinted in a shade of bronze that adapts to all types of landscapes, while at the same time enhancing the contrast of the image thereby remaining true to the original color. The resultant image is comfortable for viewing by the eyes, while at the same type sporting high precision.

The ergonomic design of the Steiner Safari Pro series of binoculars makes it handy and comfortable. The binoculars are coated with a frame of polycarbonate that has proven its resilience by being durable and shatter-proof. The frame is then further fortified by being encased in a protective armor. This makes them resilient to shock as well as rain, which underrates the necessity of the 10-year warranty the binoculars come with. The overall design is not just such that it gives the maximum comfort to the hands, but does so tastefully.

The Steiner Safari Pro binoculars come in three models each of which are suited to different needs. All three are equally adaptable to sightseeing while travelling and sightseeing while hiking, while at the same time they can be used to peer at sporting events and can even be carried off to concerts and theaters.

The 8×22 Safari Pro model is a model that specializes in elegance and style. The optical precision is most suited for watching avian wildlife, but sporting events and theater shows are definitely no exceptions. The weight of the binocular can be described as lightweight to the point of being feather-light, so as not to tire down the user while walking or hiking. The center-focus wheel is large in size for faster possible focusing to be done, while the eye-relief system of the binoculars are provided for my enhanced brightness which are not affected even by the user wearing spectacles.

The 10×26 safari Pro sports a compact shape that specializes in balance and comfort. The model is fully resistant to water. The model also sports eyecups of a soft profile that fit snugly into the eye-sockets of the user and detracts light streaming in from the sides.

The 8×30 safari pro model specializes in its field of view which stretches from 20 yards to infinity with unchanging precision and detail no matter what the distance. This is called the Sports Auto-focus and requires focusing just once. The binoculars too are coated with an impressive armor of Makrolon.

The most impressive feature that is possessed by all three models are their compact sizes with foldable frames. This enhances the portability of the binoculars by making it pocket size. The binoculars also sport 10x magnification which, while being just a bit more than the standard 8x is still not large enough so as to make the image unstable, as is seen in cases of higher magnification.

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