Steam Oven

If you love cooking, then it is undoubtedly essential that you get your hands on the best materials and equipments needed for concocting those perfect recipes. One such method for fine cooking is using steam to prepare your dishes. While steam has been popularly used to cook foodstuff such as certain types of meat and vegetables for quite some time now, you will be amazed to know that recently, methods have been launched where you can cook virtually everything with steam!

There are a number of different products, which enable cooking almost anything with steam. Manufacturers such as Miehle and Sharp have recently launched many varieties of ovens, which use steam to cook food. The steam oven itself can come in two forms. It can either be installed and set up in the kitchen or it can come in the form of a countertop stove, which is around the size of a medium sized microwave.

The steam oven is well equipped and functions in a particular way. It has a reservoir that has to be full of water in order to start baking the food. There is no need for the oven to be connected to any kind of water supply, because this reservoir can be accessed easily and detached as well when needed.

Different steam ovens have different temperatures for cooking and take varying lengths of time to cook meals. The temperatures can vary from 212 to over 572 degrees Fahrenheit (100 to even more than 300 degrees on the Celsius measure). Cooking in steam ovens also takes relatively less time. For instance, cooking chicken in a traditional, normal oven would take around two hours whereas using a steam oven prepares the meal in only 20 minutes or so.

What is even more amazing about these ovens is that their manufacturers say that their inventions not only save cooking time but that they are even effective in reducing the content of fat in the food that is being cooked. Also, since steam is continuously injected into the food, it does not dry up and, unlike the case with dry heat cooking, when cooking in steam ovens, you do not require adding extra fat to meat to prevent it from becoming dry.

Steam cooking is also a much healthier method of preparing meals as cooking with steam enables more vitamins to be retained than do other cooking methods.
Another big advantage of using steam ovens is that they effectively preserve the flavor of food when they are baked. These ovens are able to do this because of the less time that they take to prepare the food. Customer reviews show that this is, in fact, very true.

Coming to the customers, it is suffice to say that these steam ovens are immensely popular amongst them. Despite the fact that the steam ovens are quite expensive, with prices ranging from $1000 to around over $5000, people still think that they are worth every cent.

Although these ovens do not ‘brown’ food easily, which may require extra steps to be taken before the actual baking, customers particularly mention that these ovens are perfect for baking as they make fantastic bread crusts and help to keep them soft.

Also, you cannot only bake with these ovens, but you can even use them for the quick preparation of soup, pasta or even to fertilize baby bottles. Some manufacturers have even devised a method where steam is combined with convection using a fan that circulates steam around the food that is being cooked. Even if this does not help to brown the foods, it further accelerates the speed of cooking, reducing cooking time effectively.

All in all, the steam oven is a quality product that is a must have in all kitchens especially for those who love trying different methods of cooking and take enjoyment in preparing their delicacies. The product is an excellent and valuable appliance, based on ancient methods for cooking and yet is most likely to become the next most wanted and great tool in the kitchen, so get yourself one now!

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