Starbucks Espresso Machine

Starbucks is an international coffee-house and coffee chain based in Seattle, Washington. With over 16,635 outlets in 49 countries worldwide, it is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Their huge range of freshly brewed coffee snacks and drinks had coffee-lovers irrevocably addicted and contributed Starbucks to evolve as a household name worldwide. Unsurprisingly, coffee connoisseurs everywhere celebrated the day Starbucks released its first ever home-use espresso machine. Espresso, a very strong range of coffee, has a recognizable flavor and tends to be rather thick compared to regular coffee. As it is, coffee devotees savor the rich flavor and fragrance that is part of espresso as much as they do the actual taste. It provides that much-needed bolt of energy to galvanize a tired body into full energy. Starbucks espresso maker brews the coffee using only the best parts of the coffee bean through water-pressure techniques. There are both automatic and partially automatic machines, which though much like one another, have their differences. Semi-automatic machines do not control the amount of water and the temperature, whereas the automatic ones do.

Starbucks showcases the following espresso machines;

Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine
This machine allows customers to make lattes at home. It has a commercial value portafilter and a 57.5 ounce removable water container. Its covering is made of a durable, all-metal material, while the machine also comprises a removable cord, adaptable and removable drip-tray. It is automated to shut down after 90 minutes of unused.

De’Longhi Rialto One-Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine
This is an easy-to-use latte machine for Starbucks latte-lovers. It serves Starbucks quality latte using the patented system ‘Direct-to-Brew’. It has a single-touch cappuccino and latte feature and an easily removable brew system to allow easy cleaning and maintenance.

De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine
This machine produces Starbucks quality coffee and is adaptable for both home and office use. Its digital programmable settings ensure a non-hassle, easy to use system for ensuring preferred temperature, coffee-strength and even cup size handling. While its automation grinds, tamps and finally brews novel espresso, ifs steam wand streams milk into rich, creamy and delicious foam.

Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine
This Spanish machine produces authentic, wonderful espresso. It is hand-assembled by a Barcelona based family-owned company devoted to craftsmanship and quality of the product. It has three filter options – pod, self-tamp and auto tamp. Its large capacities and easy to fill water reservoir allow minimum hassle in refilling and maintaining water capacity in the machine. The steam wand can froth milk for both lattes and cappuccinos. It can even dispense hot water for hot chocolate or teas.

Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine
This machine is specifically targeted towards new users and suits them beautifully. It has been created to produce ground espresso and also as an espresso-brewing pod. It has a 98 fluid ounce or 2.9 liter capacity water reservoir, which is top-filling for higher convenience. Its pump-driven systems extract espresso shots with professional graded results. The machine has a swivel steam wand that can rotate 360 degrees and can steam continuously for up to four minutes.

Espresso machines are gradually growing in popularity as coffee lovers everywhere are beginning to appreciate the pleasure of enjoying their favorite coffee drinks in the comfort of their own homes. These machines come at various price ranges depending on the features and preset functions. Prices start at fifty dollars but can easily go up to two thousand dollars – the costlier machines being the ones that have machine-controlled pumps, like the ones used in commercial coffee shops.

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