Stand Mixer

If you are in the market for a nice gift for a good cook, one that will be really appreciated is a stand mixer. KitchenAid and Sunbeam are two famous brand name stand mixer manufacturers. When you are shopping for one, take your time and choose wisely. This is one kitchen appliance that any serious cook will use frequently, so make sure you choose one that will stand up to plenty of use.

If you buy one as a gift, you will likely end up wanting one for yourself. If you choose wisely, a stand mixer will be one of your most reliable kitchen tools that can save you hours of work in the kitchen, freeing you up to enjoy other pastimes. No serious cook wants to live without a good stand mixer after they have learned to rely on one. You do not need all of those fancy gadgets you see on infomercials when you have a stand mixer. Choose the proper accessories and you can do just about anything with a stand mixer.

When shopping for one of these much used appliances, keep in mind that quality is essential. Purchasing a low-quality stand mixer is a waste of time and money. They simply will not hold up under frequent use. A good quality stand mixer will last for years and is a worthwhile investment. Some things you should consider when shopping for one are motor size, capacity, speed controls and attachments or the accessories that are available for the brand and model that you choose.

The more powerful motor size, the more capable the stand mixer will be. Larger motor sizes on professional strength stand mixers are used by professional cooks and in industrial kitchen settings. These may be a little more than the average home cook may need. However, there are some other models that are quite strong enough for mixing up large batches that are needed from time to time.

Stand mixer speeds can range from 3 to 15 different settings. The more settings available, the better control you will have over your mixing jobs. Types of controls are important too. A dial control will allow you to gradually adjust the speed, making it easier to control. Some stand mixers also have pushbutton speed controls that some cooks may prefer also. Touchpad controls with digital readouts have recently been introduced on the market also. Technological advances has allowed for the development of timers on stand mixers. This feature will turn off the mixer automatically after you pre-program it.

The stand mixer’s capacity is important to take into consideration also. If all you will be using it for is to mix up small batches of cookies or cake mixes, the basic 4.5 Qt stand mixing bowl capacity is all that you will need. If you do a lot of cooking however and need to make several batches of bread dough for instance, you should look for higher capacity models, such as the 6 Qt size. You can actually find a stand mixer ranging in sizes from 1.5 to 7 Qt capacity sizes. Several models will have different size mixing bowls that you can use with that particular mixer too.

There are tons of attachments and accessories that are available for a stand mixer. Aside from the beaters, you can get dough hooks for break making, flat blending rods for making drinks, ice cream makers, meat grinders and pasta rollers just to name a few. There are many other accessories available. In fact, you can find attachments that can replace almost ever other type of kitchen tool that is needed. A stand mixer can be an expensive appliance once all the attachments are purchased too. However, if you consider all the other appliances it takes the place of, it is worth the investment.

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