Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

A stainless steel electric skillet is the perfect kitchen appliance to substitute a kitchen oven. If you are living in a place without any type of cooking range then you may want to invest in an electric skillet. It can be extremely useful in motel rooms, dorm rooms, small cabins, and even when going on a road trip. There is no arguing the fact that an electric skillet can come in handy in many situations just like these. However, there is a big difference in quality and performance by model of electric skillet so it is important to know what to look out for.

What is an Electric Skillet?
An electric skillet is a round or square shaped heating element that is comparable to an electric wok or a frying pan. It makes preparing foods via stir-fry techniques extremely easy. Years ago, various types of ovens were designed with a griddle in the middle of the unit which was used for preparing pancakes, French toast, and similar dishes. The electric griddle which is almost the same as an electric skillet but has fewer capabilities was basically a convenient invention for those purposes.

Electric skillets will range in size drastically depending on the specific model but they are often within the measurements of 12” by 12” and 18” by 18”. The larger models are extremely useful as you can prepare many different types of foods and it could be used as a primary heating element for food in a smaller living area.

Buying an Electric Skillet
When shopping for a stainless steel electric skillet you will want to look at a number of characteristics of the device. A few things to watch out for include the design of the body, lid, and the cooking features the device offers. Take a look below at why each of these characteristics can play a major role in the overall quality of an electric skillet.

Body Design
The design of the body of the stainless steel electric skillet will be the main factor in how difficult the device is to clean. If you do not want to wash the device by hand then you will want to look for an electric skillet that is dishwasher safe. You may also want to get a model that is coated with Teflon (non-stick). This will improve the overall performance when using the device and make cleaning it up afterwards very easy to do. Other features of the body’s design would include a warming feature and a storage rack.

Lid Design
The design of the lid of the electric skillet will have a major role in how convenient and easy to use the device is. The design of the lid will vary by model. Ideally you will be looking for a model of electric skillet that has a lid which includes large windows that allow you to view inside the device. This is a beneficial feature as it will allow you to monitor the food and make sure that it is does not get cooked improperly. You may also want to invest in an electric skillet that includes a lid with a foldable stand which allows the device to stand up by itself as this could save you some space on top of your counters.

Cooking Features
You will want to look at the temperature settings that are included with the device. You need to make sure that the electric skillet you purchase will be effective at heating up your food in a timely manner. Obviously, you do not want to spend a long time waiting for the device or food to heat up. If you choose a larger electric skillet then the temperature settings will be extremely important. As there is more area to be heated you will need to make sure that the device provides an even distribution of heat.

An electric skillet is a solid replacement for a frying pan. It is also a suitable alternative to a conventional oven or similar range. You may be limited to the foods that you can cook but it may be your only option if you are living in a small area. The electric skillet is not only a great investment for people living in smaller areas but it could also be used in homes with ovens and other cooking elements as well. It can be extremely useful for preparing pancakes, stir fry, and various other dishes.

Electric skillets are often affordable but keep in mind that the less expensive models may not be high quality. If you are thinking about investing in a stainless steel electric skillet then you will want to look for a high quality model. They may be a bit more expensive but you will get a better overall performance, the device will last longer, and you will have more features to take advantage of.

You will need to spend some time researching the better brands or models of electric skillets to determine what product you should buy. Ultimately, an electric skillet is a very useful kitchen appliance which can come in handy in many situations and it is easily a worthwhile investment for just about anyone.

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