Stainless Steel Bread Machine

There are few better smells than the aroma of freshly baked bread floating around your kitchen and home. Potentially the easiest way to make bread will be to use a kitchen appliance such as a bread machine. There are a whole host of bread machines available in the marketplace, as well as a large selection of bread mixes. In order to make the perfect loaf of freshly baked bread you merely need to pour your mix into a bread machine, add some water, and then push a button. Within a few hours you would have produced a warm loaf of freshly baked bread. There are many different varieties of bread machines, however, the most popular seem to be the stainless steel variety. There are numerous manufacturers of stainless steel bread machines, but one of the most popular appears to be Breadman.

Breadman have been making stainless steel bread machines since 2001 and are now considered America’s number-one brand of bread makers. Breadman are aware of exactly what it takes to make bread that looks, smells and tastes great. The majority of their stainless steel bread machines have some very useful features and additions that will simply make the process of making bread far easier and more enjoyable. One of the most noticeable features of a stainless steel Breadman bread machine is that they include a paddle which will allow you to make many different kinds of bread. The paddle is attached to the electrical cord and can typically be detached quite easily. Their bread makers will bake horizontal loaves of one, one and a half and two pounds.

As mentioned, the majority of Breadman bread makers are stainless steel and they will usually have an LCD display for your ease of use. You will also notice that there is a viewing window which will allow you to directly view the bread being kneaded and also baked. Breadman’s stainless steel bread makers have a wide choice of cycles which include extremely fast, 100% whole wheat, gluten-free and a variety of others. Breadman’s bread machines are known for their ease of use and their numerous settings for kneading dough. You will also find that the kneading cycle is fairly quiet and will typically beep when you are required to add the other ingredients to make your bread.

One of their most popular products is the Breadman TR875 bread maker. This is an extremely unique bread machine that is able to bake gluten-free bread and offers numerous other cycles that will allow you to process pizza dough, pasta and, believe it or not, even jams. This unit is approximately 18″ x 15″ x 11″ and weighs 18 pounds. It includes many of the features mentioned above such as a detachable paddle that is attached to an electrical cord, the bread machine can be programmed to bake 1, 1 1/2 and 2 pound horizontal loaves and it is, of course, housed in stainless steel. This model also has an easy to read LCD display and a viewing window that is generally found on all versions of Breadman bread machines.

You will find that the Breadman TR875 bread maker is a good and manageable storing size. You should be able to fit it literally anywhere on your kitchen counter. One advantage that this model holds over many other stainless steel bread machines is that the exterior does not get hot. You will always find that your bread comes out beautifully shaped and perfect, and even though this bread machine is fairly small and compact it is able to bake up to a 2 pound loaf. The user-friendly settings even allow you to delay a cycle in order to give your dough enough time to rise. In addition to this there is a rapid cycle which will allow you to bake bread far faster. However, it is advisable that you do not use the rapid cycle too often as it is known to eventually affect the performance of the paddle. This unit is likely to be one of the quietest stainless steel bread machines that you will ever use.

As mentioned, the Breadman TR875 bread maker will allow you to make various types of bread which include cinnamon breads, whole wheat bread, brown rice flour bread, gluten-free bread and raisin bread. This specific stainless steel bread machine is known to do pretty much all of the work for you and, therefore, there is no need for much involvement from you. The Breadman TR875 retails at just under $100 and is considered to be an extremely advanced stainless steel bread machine. There are many other stainless steel bread machines that retail at under $50. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread around your home and you can now purchase a bread machine to do all the work for you at an extremely affordable price.

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