Stainless Steel Bar Sinks

Bar sinks have become very popular in homes around the world. A bar sink is much like a kitchen sink but typically much smaller. Many homeowners choose to have bar sinks installed to provide extra room in the kitchen for things such as washing hands, fruits and vegetables and preparing cocktails and drinks. Those who entertain regularly may find a bar sink very advantageous as it provides extra room in the kitchen for certain tasks.

Bar sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can be purchased in a wide range of different materials. You can purchase a bar sink in shapes ranging from the standard or traditional rectangular shape to a more decorative and ornate round shape, depending on your needs and your personal preferences. Many homes without outdoor entertainment areas also have bar sinks installed to allow for outdoor cooking and partying. These sinks allow you to perform tasks that require water and sink space without running back and forth to and from the kitchen area.

Most bar sinks measure around twenty inches in width and less. Many can be purchase din larger sizes, around twenty to twenty-five inches while larger models may be up to thirty inches or more in width. Once you have determined the specific size that you need, you will need to choose your material. Stainless steel bar sinks are very popular and are the most commonly chosen as well. Stainless steel is also typically chosen because of the color. Stainless steel is much easier to match up to with regards to decorating and color schemes. It is easier to keep clean and simply much less expensive than many other materials such as copper, cast iron and granite.

If you are planning to install or have a stainless steel bar sink installed, you will first need to determine the exact size that you need. Once you have chosen the size and design, you will need to choose whether to install the sink yourself or to have it professionally installed. There are many contractors who will install the bar sink for you if you are not typically prone to doing your own home improvements. However, you can easily install a bar sink yourself if you so choose.

You will need to note that bar sinks come with many different options with regards to the faucet holes. You can choose anywhere from one to even five faucet holes. You may also opt not to have faucet holes in your bar sink. Many who have these additional sinks installed in kitchen areas choose to use them for only draining and not for filling. If you do not need water run to the bar sink then you will not need faucet holes. The most popular choice today is the single-hole. In this design, the faucet hole is typically placed directly in the center of the sink’s top.

You will also need to choose your installation type. This choice is very important if you are planning to install the bar sink yourself. You can choose from an under-mount design or the drop-in design. For those installing a sink themselves, the drop-in design is much easier. You simply drop the sink into the hole in the cabinet or bar and then hook up the drain and water supply. There are other designs as well including wall mountable, stud mounting and countertop sinks. Before you purchase a stainless steel bar sink, you will need to determine just which installation type you prefer and which one will be best for you if you are planning to install it yourself. Installing bar sinks is much like installing a typical kitchen sink.

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