Stackable Washer & Dryer

If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer combo, you will be surprised at how many makes and models are available on the market today to choose from. There are so many choices that you may become a little overwhelmed by them all.

If you happen to live in a small home or an apartment, you can narrow that choice down to a stackable washer and dryer combo. You can save space and money with a stackable washer and dryer. These are great little units that are very efficient and are energy savers. Most stackable washer and dryer units have front loading washers which are known to be energy efficient. A front loader will generally outlast most top loader washing machines. A stackable washer dryer unit is typically less expensive to purchase than other models.

When shopping for a new stackable washer and dryer unit, you will more than likely come a cross three different types. The first one is similar to a laundromat model. These will have a washer on the bottom and a dryer on top. There will be a space between the two so that the lid to the washer can be lifted to put your wash load in or to take it out. Another type of a stackable washer and dryer unit will be a front loader.

There is a third type that is the result of people who attempt to make their own stackable washer and dryer unit by combining a separate washer and dryer on top of each other.

Before you go out shopping for a new washer and dryer, take into consideration how many loads per week you suspect you will be doing. If you do a lot of laundry during the week, you may want to consider purchasing the largest stackable washer and dryer unit you can find. On the other hand, if you will only be doing small, infrequent loads. A smaller stackable washer and dryer unit will suffice. You should know where you will be placing the new washer and dryer combo so that you can shop for one that will fit that area. The size of the area may limit your choices so make sure you measure the area correctly.

One concern many people have when they purchase a new stackable washer and dryer combo is whether or not the appliance will perform to standards and will be energy efficient as well. Purchasing a new stackable washer and dryer can be a big investment for many people. Take some time to study and research all of your options before you make your purchase. A stackable washer and dryer can be put in a closet or corner space if you are really limited on floor space.

Even though washer and dryer units are used a lot in apartments and small homes, no every one will like them. Some people prefer a washer and dryer that has a lot of extra features, whereas a stackable washer and dryer tends to be a basic design with not many added features. They usually have a smaller load capacity than other stand alone units.

Sometimes the dryer may be a better quality than the washer or the washer may out last the dryer, etc. There are several brands to choose from. Frigidaire, Maytag and Bosch and Kenmore and Whirlpool are just a few of the better known brands that sell them. Like any other major appliance purchase, it pays to shop around and compare prices. When compared with a stand alone washer and dryer combo, the prices are very similar.

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