Spy Pen Recorder

A spy pen recorder is a device that is a digital video recorder with audio that is the size of a pen. People use them for instances when you need to use a camera while remaining inconspicuous. A spy pen is a discrete device that looks like an innocent pen but it has a full color camcorder with sound built into it.

Private investigators, law enforcement and others who need to gather evidence discretely can use a spy pen recorder. People can also use them for social events like birthdays, weddings and other gatherings. College students can use them to record an entire lecture so they do not have to take notes. They can simply play back the lecture later when they are studying. A spy pen is very easy to use.

The spy pen can either work by transmitting recorded data to a receiver located somewhere else or you can use one that has an internal built in memory device. There are even spy pens that have removable memory cards. Most spy pens come with rechargeable batteries now which will save consumers from constantly buying new batteries.

New technologies have made add-ons that will contain a small signal scanner. If you hold it to another device it will let you know if the device is sending or receiving data too. You can identify other spy pens that are being used this way. This type of spy pen scanner can even alert you to other people who are sending or receiving text messages. Information such as this can be very useful to law enforcement and private investigators.

The Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder, or Spy Pen DVR, has a 352 x 288 resolution and 2 GB of internal memory and operates at 15 frames per second. It has an optional AA battery charger for use when you are away from a wall charger. This spy pen can record one and half ours of video. It has 4GB of internal memory and the ability to plug into your computer’s USB port to view the video it recorded. This video recording also has the time date stamp which would be needed for evidence or court hearings and such.

True spy pens work like a regular pen only it has the camera in it too. The camera in the pen can take single photos or record videos if you want it to. The spy pen recorder mentioned above has 352 x 288 resolution but you can also get them with 640 x 480 resolution. The Pegasus PJ-003 Spy Pen has 4GB memory and 640 x 480 video recording capability. It has a list price of $99.99.

A new spy pen is on the market now that is both a mini pen DVR and a webcam. The video resolution is 640 x 480 and it comes with up to 8GB memory. You can find these for around $150. If you have a geek in the family a spy pen is a fantastic gift to give them. The spy pen recorder can be a fund gadget to have. There are also other cheaper spy pen recorders for sale at around $50.

If you want to use the spy pen recorder to record a conversation you can simply turn it on and leave it near the person you want to record. You can also sit by someone and be writing with the pen while you are recording the conversation. The conversation is recorded digitally on the hidden microchip in the pen. Later on, you simply use the flash drive to upload the conversation onto your pc, laptop or notebook. The only flaw in a spy pen is correct positioning of the microphone. Sometime the sound quality can be poor as well.

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