Split Air Conditioner

If you have never heard of a split air conditioner before, the concept is really very simple. The idea is to split the hot side from the cold side of a system. The cold side includes an expansion valve and the cold coil. These are installed into a furnace or the systems air handler. The air handler will blow the air to the coil and the will follow the path of the heating and cooling systems that are built into the home or commercial building.

The hot side is known, as the condensing unit and it exists outside the home of building. These units are circular and they look like a huge coil. There is a fan installed inside the coil that was designed to blow the hot air through the coil. There is a factory installed weather resistant compressor. You will find these split air conditioning systems in homes with hydronic heating systems, which is hot water heat, radiant heating panels and even space heaters.

The most popular of the split air conditioners are the mini-split or the ductless air conditioners. These units are similar to central air but these are designed to use air ducts or in the case of the ductless units, no ducts. These ducts make the unit less expensive to install. The compressor is located outside the house and the air handler is installed inside the home.

Many people often ask what they advantages of the ductless mini split air conditioners are? The answer is that the mini or split air conditioners are less expensive to operate than a regular central air unit. Plus they are a lot quieter and they take up less space because the compressor is located outside the house. If you own an apartment building or a two family house, a mini ductless split air conditioner would be easier to use for zoning purposes and for heating and cooling separate rooms rather than the entire house. This is a huge money saver.

The mini ductless split air conditioner will also save you money because of the size of the unit and for the premise that there is no heat loss to be had with a duct system. Often times a duct air conditioner can and will lose air. But if there are no ducts to install then the air loss in eliminated. It is estimated that about 30% of the energy of an air conditioning unit is loss through ducts. These are just some things you may want to consider.

These sound like very good reasons why a ductless mini split air conditioner is the right choice but there are some disadvantages as well. As we mentioned before it would cost to install this type of system but the systems themselves can cost more than a regular unit. They will save you money in the long run but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the unit itself then this is not for you.

The next disadvantage is the installation. The company that you hire to install the unit must correctly size the indoor unit and choose the best location for the install. If you are off any smallest amount, the install won’t be correct. If the air handler is not installed correctly then the system would short cycle from time to time and this will waste too much energy.

You may also have a hard time finding a company that specializes in installing these units. Often times these companies make money from installing ductwork when it comes to these units but with a ductless unit, there are no ducts to install or sell you. There may not be too many companies that make any money in helping you with a ductless unit.

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