Spice Grinder

A spice grinder, at its most basic, is a device that is used for shredding herbs and spices. It is capable of ripping through fairly hard material without spilling even a small speck of dust. Beyond that, what a spice grinder, also called an herb grinder, actually is can vary. There are two main types of spice grinders: manual and electric. Which kind of grinder you have can greatly change the amount of work you have to put into it, how much it costs, and how well it works. However, whichever kind of spice grinder you use, the overall effect will remain largely the same.

A manual spice grinder is made of two cylindrical halves. Each half has a set of sharp teeth, but one half’s teeth are very slightly wider than the other’s. This allows the two to fit with each other without bumping teeth, and when the two halves are spun in opposite directions, anything caught between the teeth is shred. A manual spice grinder is usually pretty small, usually no more than a couple inches tall, although some heavy duty models can be much bigger. The most popular spice grinders are used for pepper, where the bottom of the grinder can be turned, and the ground pepper can immediately be dumped out.

An electric spice grinder operates the same way, except that it can grind more spice, with more power, more quickly. Electric spice grinders are practically necessary for anybody who uses fresh and/or natural spices. They operate in much the same way as blenders, using a rotating blade that quickly chops the ingredients put into it. Furthermore, electric spice grinders can have a few automatic settings, which means that you can grind quality spices without having to guess how long to grind them for, or how hard to turn the wheel. These are especially important because the grinding process happens so fast in electric models.

As for which one is better for you, that depends on how much you’ll be using it. If you rarely have to grind spices or ingredients of any kind, you’ll probably be better off with a manual version. These have one distinct advantage: they are much cheaper. It’s fairly easy to find a manual spice grinder for about $10 – and it’s impossible to find a new electric grinder at that price. In performance, most electric grinders are far better than their manual counterparts, but the manual version is reliable and cheap – all you need if you won’t be using it much.

On the other hand, if you’re grinding spices constantly, the long, slow work of a manual grinder will likely get frustrating after a while. Also, the dulling of the blades will be noticed quicker on a manual grinder than an electric one. But the main reason to spend the extra money on an electric grinder is for the speed and ease of use. With an electric grinder, all that you have to do is pour the ingredients in, put the top on, and press the button. It’s much easier and faster.

However, the price tag can be about four times that of a manual grinder – even the cheapest electric grinders start at about $30 USD, although those generally don’t work very well. This isn’t so much of a price tag that it will be prohibitive to most buyers, but it might give some people pause if they don’t have much use for it. If you find yourself grinding even weekly, however, there really is no good reason not to get an electric spice grinder. They aren’t very expensive, and they make a long, boring job both easy and quick.

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