Speedcook Oven

A speed cook oven will give you conventional oven cooked-quality food when you do not have a lot of time for cooking meals in a standard oven. A speedcook oven is different than a microwave in that it bakes, broils, roasts and grills rather than just making food hot. The speedcook oven has recently begin to sufficiently upstage the microwave oven and may be a thing of the past as time goes on. The technology used in one of these new types of ovens combine microwaves and radiant heat. You can cook and brown foods remarkable fast and it will turn out just like you cooked it in a conventional oven. This kind of oven is perfect for the lifestyle most people live in America nowadays. You can cook foods such as roast chicken in as little as 25 minutes. A baked potato will only take 10 minutes and it only takes 3 or 4 minutes for delicious home made cookies to bake. You can usually prepare all kinds of foods in a speedcook oven up to 15 times faster than you can in a conventional oven. You can cook a holiday turkey in as little as 45 minutes. The technology that has been built into these ovens was first only used in commercial restaurant ovens in 2004. Now it is available for in home use. It is not hard to see why the speedcook oven is becoming so popular with homemakers and fits in so well our lifestyles today.

Some of the speedcook oven models on the market are the GE Advantium, Maytag Accellis 2X, Jenn-Air Accellis 5XP, KitchenAid Ulitma and the Thermador CM. The average size oven is 4.1 cu ft which is large enough for a 10 – 12 pound turkey or an 8 – 10 lb roast. Some models have a 13 inch turntable with can limit your size of dish. The KitchenAid model has a 16-inch turn table. The GE Advantium speedcook oven uses 25 percent less power than their conventional oven does. The Jenn-Air Acellis 5XP also uses less power than their conventional ovens. Most speedcook ovens have preset controls. Various models will allow you to get information at the touch of a button on the combination of microwave and radiant heat needed to cook certain dishes to perfection.

The speedcook oven comes in different designs and configurations. Some are wall ovens, some are double wall ovens. You can find a lot of microwave ovens being replaced over conventional ovens with a speedcook oven when they burn out now. The dual ovens have one conventional oven over or under the speedcook oven. For instance, the TurboChef 30″, first released to the public in the spring of 2006, is a double wall speedcook oven that has a traditional convection oven underneath. The top oven is a speedcook oven that uses their patented Airspeed Technology which allows for food to cook faster than ever before. The Maytag Accellis 2X is one that can replace a standard 30 inch slide-in range oven and has a smooth ceramic cooktop. These new ovens also come in all kinds of colors to match various kitchen decors.

Speedcook ovens are very expensive. Some are upwards of $5000 or more. Like other modern devices the prices should come down as the technology grows older. Before you make such an expensive purchase you should go online and read reviews about the various ovens. It helps to read personal experiences from customers who have bought the product before. Various ovens have various features so make sure you compare features as well. You can also ask anyone who already owns a speedcook oven what their views on it are. Some may recommend certain brands over others. Consumer Reports is also another good source to go to for reviews on speedcook ovens.

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