Speco Intensifier Camera

If you are a homeowner or a commercial business owner you may be concerned about securing your property and keeping your loved ones and property safe from intruders and those who would like to come in and harm or steal. Many homeowners today, as well as commercial business owners, are turning to intensifier cameras to help keep their property and loved ones secure.

Speco Technologies has developed an intensifier camera that is the highest quality residential and commercial security camera that is for sale to the general public in the retail and wholesale market. Builders, contractors, installers, engineers and architects will all specifically recommend a Speco intensifier camera for people who are interested in buying and having a security camera system installed their home or in their commercial business establishments. A Speco intensifier camera also uses closed-circuit video and electronic accessories to help keep your home or business safe and secure.

Intensifier cameras use an image intensifier that is a device that amplifies visible and near-infrared light from images that are in dimly lit areas so that they can be seen by a security camera or by the naked eye. Image intensifiers are also used in night vision devices and image and X-ray machines.

Many commercial, industrial, educational, residential, and municipal facilities use a Speco intensifier camera for their security needs all across the United States and in many other countries around the world. The Speco Technologies Company has been on the leading edge in security camera technology with their sleek and compact intensifier security camera design.

A Speco intensifier camera does not use the same technology as a thermographic camera uses. It will not work in the total absence of light. Untrained operators are more efficient when using intensifier cameras than those using thermographic cameras because they create a more realistic image that is not related to temperatures and actually amplifies the image. This makes them not dependent on temperature alone like thermographic camera and is. A Speco intensifier camera is also much less expensive than thermographic cameras.

The HT-INTD8 is a Speco intensifier security camera. It is guaranteed to be weatherproof and tamperproof. Speco intensifier camera features 560 lines of resolution. It has a 2.8-12.mm auto iris very focal lens. It has a wide zoom range so it will fit more applications than other intensifier cameras. It works with special virtual 3-D filters that are built-in and will allow your DVR to have a 30% better compression in scenes. If you are looking at low light nighttime pictures they will look better and will use less hard drive space. Does that go intensifier camera can be wall or ceiling mounted. This intensifier camera can’t even see straight down. It operates using a dual voltage 12 VDC and 24 VAC. The retail price for this Speco intensifier camera is right around $300.

The HT-7246IHR Speco intensifier camera is a dome camera that has a chameleon cover. These are also in the weatherproof tamperproof line of intensifier cameras made by Speco. The dome camera has a snap on cover that can change the housing from a dark grey to a decorator white. These are the type security camera so you find mounted in the ceilings in commercial businesses. It also hurts 540 lines of resolution with up to an 11mm auto iris very focal lens that will give you wide zoom range capability for various applications. The housing can also be painted to match your d├ęcor. This Speco intensifier camera will also allow your DVR to have 30% better compression in scenes that are normally distorted by video noise. The dome intensifier camera sells for around $300 on various websites online.

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