Today’s electronics are much more advanced than ever before. With these advancements in the different types of video and audio devices, there comes a need for specific interfaces. SPDIF is a term that stands for Sony Philips Digital Interconnect Format. This is also referred to as a Sony/Philips Digital Interface. The SPDIF cable is used to digitally transfer audio files or data over an electric or optical cable. It is typically used for transferring audio files and signals between different stereo components as well as other electronic devices that need an electrical or optical cable.

Years ago, these audio signals could only leave the device in which they rested after they had been converted into an analog signal. Today however, electronic devices are more digital in nature. The goal now is to keep audio signals in the digital format for as long as is possible. This is the best possible way to achieve a higher sound quality. When different electronic devices communicate with each other in digital format, a higher sound quality can and will be achieved. This allows the digital signal to be transferred from one electronic device to another device without distorting the sound and without having the need to be turned into an analog signal.

When you put a CD into your CD-ROM drive in order to listen to music, the drive will need to convert the data that is on the CD from its digital format into an analog audio signal before you can hear the music. The analog signal after conversion is then transferred to the sound card on your computer through the appropriate cable. In order to lower the quality of sound one of two things must happen. First, the CD-ROM drive may be using a poor quality digital to analog conversion which causes distortion of the sound data. Another thing that could cause low sound quality is when during the transmission between your CD-ROM drive and your sound card that is carried out in analog format, your cable picks up noise from interferences on the inside of your computer. Either of these problems will result in the sound quality of your music being seriously diminished.

So if the sound card in your computer is equipped with an SPDIF cable input and your CD-ROM drive also is equipped with an SPDIF cable output, then the connection allows for the analog to digital conversion to take place inside the sound care and not inside your CD-ROM drive, which produces a much clearer and stronger sound quality overall.

You will find that a variety of manufacturers sell these cables. You can find many at various online stores as well as most traditional electronics stores. Before you run out to purchase your SPDIF cable, be certain of what you need. You can ask for help at your local electronics store to ensure that you purchase the right piece of equipment for your needs. The price of your cable will likely vary by where you purchase it as well as the manufacturer and other factors. If cost is an issue, be certain that you know what you need before you head out to purchase it. It may be a good idea to check with the store about their return or exchange policy just in case you get it home and learn that you have purchased the wrong product. Most electronics stores will allow you to exchange the product that you purchased to get the one that you actually need as long as you hold on to your receipt. Also pay attention to the length that you need to ensure that you purchase a cable long enough to reach from one device to the other.

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