Spacemaker Toaster Oven

If you are updating or remodeling your kitchen or just in the market for new appliances, you may be looking for ways to save space on your kitchen counter top for a new juicer, coffee pot or a new electric can opener or a food process or electric bread maker. These are the type of appliances that you will want to leave out because you use them more often than others. With all of the above appliances in your kitchen, you may find your self in need of more counter space. One way to get more counter space is by using under the cabinet appliances.

Toaster ovens are great but they take up a lot of counter space too. Most people would rather have a toaster oven than a tradition toaster that you can only toast your bread in.

Toaster ovens are fantastic appliances and are much more useful than a traditional toaster. You can do more things with a toaster oven. For example, you can reheat pizza, toast bagels, cook frozen burritos, korn dogs, chicken nuggets, bake small chickens and small casseroles as well as make toast. Not only that, but most toaster ovens have a setting for broil too so you can broil a small steak or use that setting to quickly brown French bread slices that you are making into garlic bread.

The Black & Decker TRO370 Classic Spacemaker toaster oven is a great little toaster oven. If has a space saving feature, meaning that you can mount it under your overhead kitchen cabinets to save counter space. The Spacemaker toaster oven is a compact unit but is still large enough to contain a regular sized muffin tin. Put the rack on the bottom and you will have enough room to cook a small chicken also.

The Spacesaver toaster oven has electronic toast controls so that your toast will consistently be cooked to your preferences once you have set the controls for it. The Spacesaver toaster oven is black with stainless steel trim and will look good in any contemporary kitchen. The newer Black and Decker Spacesaver toaster oven does not have the “pause” mode that older Spacesaver ovens had. This was a feature that stopped the oven from continuing to cook when the oven door was opened. Also, there is no setting for “broil.” On the new models you leave the setting on bake but turn up the heat to 450 degrees if you want to broil something.

The Spackemaker toaster oven can be mounted under a kitchen cabinet to save counter space. Some individuals find the installation of these toaster ovens a little difficult. This is because the screws that come with the unit are a little too short. You can remedy this situation by using longer screws.

When shopping for a new Black and Decker Spacesaver Toaster Oven, don’t forget to look for them online. Buying your new toaster oven online is fast and easy and you get to have the appliance delivered directly to your home. You can find much lower prices for them online also. Just make sure you visit several websites before you buy so you can get the best deal on one. If you want to see the Spacesaver toaster oven in person first, go to your local appliance store. You can make sure that this is the exact model that you want and that it will fit in the space where you want to put it. The Black and Decker Spacesaver toaster oven is a good selection for most people. You can find these small appliances online and most of them are being sold for much less than you can find them at your local appliance stores.

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