Space Heater

A space heater is a device that is used to heat a particular confined space, such as a room. It is different from a central heating system where a single system can be used to heat up several rooms within a particular area. Space heaters are available in various types, which enable people to choose the exact type that they want. There are some focused space heaters that can provide heat to a particular spot as well as space heaters that can heat up a whole auditorium.

There are two kinds of space heaters, based on the power source that energizes them. The older versions use gases such as natural gas, propane and butane for the space heating needs. The newer versions use electrical supply. Both the versions have their relative pros and cons.

Gas space heaters – The gas space heaters run on different gas sources. The gases are combusted to provide the necessary heat. However, there are problems associated with gas sources. These heaters consume gas, which is a nonrenewable source of energy. Also, they can cause environmental pollution. The release of the toxic carbon monoxide from them is a serious matter of concern. Still, a considerable number of people use gas space heaters because they are less expensive and have low running costs.

The heating elements in the gas space heaters are called bricks. These elements get heated themselves and can channelize the proper flow of gas within the heater. They are available in wall-mountable as well as recessed versions.

Electric space heaters – The electric space heaters run on an electric power which is taken from the mains of the house. They are more efficient at heating, but they cost higher for purchase as well as to keep them running.

There are two main types of heating devices used here. Older versions use a Nichrome wire for the heating purpose. However, these heater bodies can get quite hot and present a hazard themselves. The other kind of heating element uses ceramic materials. Ceramic can transmit a significant amount of heat without getting much hot itself. Hence, it forms a very good material for the heating. The bodies of these heaters do not get too hot. In order to make them more effective, they have a fan or a blower built into their system so that the heat can be distributed much more uniformly throughout the space.

New forms of space heaters are being evolved all the time. A recent one uses the principle of reversible air conditioning. This is exactly the opposite of an air conditioner and so it heats up the space. An air conditioner will bring the cold in and keep the heat out. But a reversible air conditioner acts like a space heater because it will keep the heat in and take the cold out. It is a much environment-friendlier way to heat the particular space.

There are portable space heaters too. Actually these have been in use since a very long time, but even then, an efficient manner to keep them working is still being studied. Some of the oldest versions here used kerosene in portable space heaters. This would certainly make things difficult, because kerosene space heaters would need setting up. There was also the difficulty of carrying kerosene or obtaining it. Modern space heaters use batteries. Recharging these batteries would be essential but that still keeps things convenient.

Central heating systems are slowly edging out space heaters. However, people are still keeping them around in case of emergencies. Space heaters are cost-effective because they can heat only the needed room rather than a central heating system that will heat the entire area.

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