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Doctors said that if you want to have stronger bones and be healthy you should drink milk until you are old. Milk is definitely something that your body needs. One can name hundreds of reasons how drinking milk can help you become fit, vigorous, and even stunning. There are also tons of beauty products made from milk that you can use topically.

Unfortunately, not everybody may drink milk. Those who are lactose intolerant are forbidden to take milk or any kind of dairy products since it may cause them severe stomach aches and other health problems. But they have an alternative and that is to drink soy milk instead. However, soy milk can be very expensive especially if you would like to drink it regularly. A small pack usually costs around $3 each. Imagine getting drinking $9 worth of soy milk everyday when you can actually create one right in your home.

Soy milk makers are now available for those who soy product enthusiasts. It is a simple machine that would save you a lot of money by allowing you to create your own soy milk at a cheaper price. This is small appliance that you could place anywhere in your kitchen as you let it automatically cook the soy beans. There are some models of the soy milk makers that you can program so that it will give an almond or other beverages that are using vegetables as its main ingredient.

If you would make this kind of milk using a soy milk maker, you would only spend as much as $0.30 for every quart. Moreover, you can also create a soy milk that would suit your taste as well the nutrition that you need. This would definitely add more value to you money.

Making soy milk is easy. Conventional ways of making soy milk would require you to ground the soy beans manually and strain before you can cook. The soy milk maker on the other hand would only need you to soak the soy beans in water for a couple of minutes before putting it in the equipment. Afterwards, you can put all the beans and let the machine do all the work for you.

New models of the soy milk maker would not only let you make milks but tofu as well. You just have to adjust it in a setting that would thoroughly cook the soy beans and turn it into tofu in no time at all.

The soy milk maker is not only limited to soy products. It can also be used to make other kinds of milk including rice, cashew, as well as coconut. It would usually take about ten to fifteen minutes before the milk can be ready. This is ideal for those who are always in a rush for breakfast. So instead of drinking coffee, start your day right by taking soy milk instead.

Soy milk makers usually include many freebies when purchased. Some would give you free bag of soy beans so you could immediately use the soy milk maker as soon as you are home. But more often than not, soy milk maker usually includes free recipes so you can use the equipment at its best and try different kinds of nutritional beverages using the soy milk maker.

The soy milk maker is also portable. You can bring it along with you in your trips and just plug it in your car’s battery or use it wherever there is electricity. It only weighs 5 to 7 ounces and can be stored even in your backpack. The price of the soy milk maker usually starts at $80.

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  1. SoyQuick soy milk maker was rated “the clear winner” compared to other top brands in taste, price, manual, cleanup, safety, quality, convenience and customer service by the Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association. Nutrition experts, cookbook authors and product reviewers also choose it as their personal favorite in making soy milk, rice milk and almond milk in their own kitchens.

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