Sony VAIO Notebook

VAIO, which originally stands for Video Audio Integrated Operation, is Sony’s trade name for its desktops and laptop computers. However, in 2008, the acronym was amended to stand for Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer on the occasion of the brnad’s 10th anniversary. Sony VAIO notebooks have been popular with users for a long time now. The VAIO line of notebooks and laptops are versatile and suits to personal needs of the users. The line contains thin and light laptops notebooks for those who appreciate light-weight comfort, while also carrying heavy-duty machines to cater to serious multimedia needs. There are also the professional and customized lines of VAIO notebooks for those who want something extra from their laptops.

If one desires a light and portable notebook, he or she should go for the SZ, UX or TZ lines of VAIO notebooks. With a 13 inch LCD display, the SZ notebooks are extremely slim, with a thickness of about an inch. The SZ models features Intel Centrino Dual Core processors, and offers full driver support.

TZ models are smaller compared to SZ models, with a display of 11.1 inches. Because of its smaller size, these can be carried inside small bags or bagpacks, without getting noticed. It comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and has in built multimedia options such as a webcam, and microphones. These notebooks are avalible in four different, stylish colors – Bordeaux red, champagne gold, classic black and premium black carbon. A successor to the TZ models is the TT series, which is the smallest laptop to contain an 11 inch Blu-ray disc drive. The UX models are UMPCs, or Ultra Mobile PC, and are a cross between PDAs and laptops. Althought extremely compact, these fulfill all the computing needs for people on the go. The UX line is pretty expensive and is more affordable by corporate or professional users.

To fulfill the multimedia needs of users in the media or entertainment fanatics, there are the VAIO AR and FZ models. These can support entire digital home entertainment requirements asnd contain huge hard drive storage abilities. These lines come with expandable connectivity options and can be integrated to be connected to televisions, or home wireless networks and can also be interacted with next-generation, high-definition video. Both lines contain Blu-ray disc drives which allow users to enjoy high-definition movies, documentaries and other audio visuals. The AR line can be further used as a digital video recorder using the TV tuner option. Both of the series have HDMI outputs, for high-definition television connections to offer the best quality pictures. FZ line has a 15.4 inch LCD display while the AR series has a 17 inch LCD screen.

For those who are not fans of the tiny, slim, multimedia-enabled versions, Sony has a range of mainstream and versatile notebooks to meet their requirements. The NR and CR series emphasizes on design and are created to match the personality of the user. These lines of notebooks have all the necessary functions that are required by everyday users, and accommodate Core 2 Duo processors and audi/video options. The NR line features a fabric-like casing for the notebook; which only adds definition to the design of the laptop. With a 15.4 inch display, the NR models also contain a range of connectivity options, including MemoryStick and SecureDigital card reader –all these while being a stylish thing to carry.

All the notebook and laptop models come with a Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. The business range offers XP downgrade option, which is not available for all models. The prices of notebooks vary amongst the different models, and also amongst individual notebooks, according to the features provodied, and also depending on the size and design variations. Although there has been recalls of TZ model regarding certain problems with heating, Sony VAIO still remains to be a trustworthy and relaible brand name amongst many fervent notebook users.

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