Sony Surround Sound System

If you are in the market for a new home theater surround sound system, check out the newest Sony surround sound system or one of the older ones that are on the market today. If you want to do without all of the wires that most home theaters use, look into getting a wireless Sony surround sound system that has been made possible by recent wireless technology. Going wireless is ideal for listening to music, gaming and watching movies. A wireless Sony surround sound system will free your house from the wires that were previously needed for high quality sounding systems. Now, high quality wireless speakers are available for your home theater system.

One of the top brand wireless surround sound systems available today is made by Sony. A Sony DAV-HDX275 Bravia is a 5.1 system and has 1000 W. It is Rear Wireless Speaker Ready (WAHT-SA1 sold separately). It comes with multi-room S-AIR Technology (S-Air Ready) and iPod with a Cradle (TDM-iP10) for DIGITAL MEDIA PORT. It is provided with 1080p Upscaling via HDMI that also includes Digital Cinema Auto Calibration. It also has an integrated 5 DVD/CD changer. This Sony surround sound system is a great bargain when it comes to sound systems. The price tag is relatively low for the quality you get from this system. It has plenty of high-end features with phenomenal sound quality. Currently, it is one of the best selling wireless sound systems for sale on the market today. It is fantastic for people who have very little space.

Installing this surround sound system is very simple. There are color coded cables so you do not have to be a technology expert to install it. There are plenty of inputs and outputs. It has the HDMI port as well as optical, analog, digital media and coaxial ports that you need.

The Sony DAV-HDX275 BRAVIA 5-Disc DVD/CD Player 5.1 Channel home theater surround sound system has a simple design and looks good in any room. The system has 5 speakers and they are black in color and outlined in silver. The main receiver/DVD player is black with a silver volume knob.

Most wireless surround sound systems are very reasonably priced and are comparable to regular systems with all of the wires. One Sony surround sound system that is very compact and inexpensive is the Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar. It sells for $250 to $300 depending on where you buy it. It is a two-piece system that has one speaker bar and a sub-woofer. It can be discreetly placed in the room under the TV or in front of it. This sound bar is able to put out fantastic sound quality that can almost perfectly match that of more expensive models. That is because it uses S-Force Front Surround sound technology by Sony.

It has a built in amplifier in the sup-woofer. You will not have to get a separate amplifier for the speakers. The Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar is very easy to set up. The 3 HDMI ports are connected to your existing DVD or Blue-ray player and television. This system puts out high quality sound. It has included surround sound fields so that you get the fullest sounds from it and it provides fantastically good depths of sound for you.

Here are the specs on it:

  • 3.1 virtual surround sound at 150 watts RMS
  • HDMI input and output
  • BRAVIA Sync for use with Sony BRAVIA HDTV
  • Digital Media Port for use with PCs, iPods, and Bluetooth devices

Whichever Sony surround sound system you choose, you will be thrilled with the sound quality you will get from your system.

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