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The eBook format has experienced a revival of sorts lately. It had a short burst of popularity when it was first introduced, then quickly became unpopular due to the lack of dedicated readers at the time. The format is now popular again, thanks to several affordable eBook readers that have been launched recently. The Sony reader is a lightweight and portable device, with a large screen that is easy to read in most lighting conditions. It can store many eBooks and has enough battery power to last through thousands of pages. There are three models in the current lineup which are available in a range of colors.

An eBook is a computer file that contains words formatted into pages like a regular book. Some also contain other media, like diagrams and images, but most eBooks contain only text. The name actually stands for electronic book but that phrase never caught on and is considered old fashioned now. Several file formats can be used to hold an eBook, including the popular Adobe PDF format. They can be read with everything from a computer to a mobile phone, but the best way to read them is with a dedicated reader, such as the Sony Reader. The number of eBooks available on the internet is massive and ever increasing, and there are many websites that specialize in them.

The Sony Reader is not just one model but a line of models that have evolved over the years. Over 300,000 units have been sold since the first model was launched in September 2006. The three models in the current range are the PSR-505 Digital Book, the PSR-300 Pocket Edition, and the PSR-600 Touch Edition. The Sony Reader is just one of many dedicated eBook readers on the market. Other popular brands include the Amazon Kindle, iRex iLiad, Samsung Papyrus, Fujitsu Flepia, and the Ectaco Jetbook. Just like Amazon, Sony also has an online bookstore where customers can purchase and download eBooks.

The PSR-505 Digital Book is one of the most popular Sony Reader models. It weighs nine ounces and is just under seven inches by five inches in size. The six inch display uses E Ink Vizplex imaging film, which uses much less power than the LCD display of a notebook computer. The 256MB internal memory holds about 160 eBooks, but this can be expanded by adding a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo or a SDHC memory card in the slots provided. The lithium-ion battery stores enough energy for about 7000 page turns, and can be recharged in two hours with the wall charger, or in four hours with a USB cable and a computer. The Digital Book was recently discontinued but can still be found in stores, and is available in dark blue, red, and silver.

The PSR-300 Pocket Edition is smaller and lighter than the other two Sony Reader models. As the name suggests, the Pocket Edition fits easily into a pocket and does not have to be carried around in a bag. This makes it ideal for some light reading while waiting in a queue or traveling somewhere. It has a five inch display instead of the six inch display found on the other two models, which helps keep its weight to just under eight ounces. About 350 eBooks can be stored in its 512MB internal memory. The Pocket Edition costs $200 and is available in silver, rose pink, and navy blue.

The PSR-600 Touch Edition uses the same display as the Digital Book but has a touch sensitive layer over the top of it. This allows pages to be turned by sweeping a finger across the display, but they can also be turned using the buttons around the edges. Just like the Pocket Edition, it has 512MB internal memory that holds about 350 eBooks. There are also slots for Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo and SDHC memory cards which allows many more eBooks to be carried around. The Touch Edition costs $300 is available in black, silver, and red.

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