Sony Infrared Camera

It is one of the scariest feelings imaginable. You are home alone or perhaps with just the children and you hear a noise outside. At first you think it’s just the wind, but the noise persists and you get a sinking feeling in your stomach that something more is wrong. Very wrong. The sound is coming from right outside your back door, but you don’t want to open the blinds and look outside for fear that whatever is out there – is it a prowler, an animal or just a tree limb? –will see you first. If only you had a Sony Infrared Camera on guard outside your home.

Sony infrared security cameras are an excellent technology when it comes to guarding your home against invasion. They are ideal for late night (when burglars prefer to strike) and dark places because the infrared LED lighting technology allows them to pick up distinct images even in the complete and total absence of light. And if your area is not pitch black, perhaps you have an outside light, nearby streetlights or live in a well-lit area in general, Sony infrared cameras work even better in low light situations. If you were to look at a picture taken by a Sony infrared camera in low light, you would honestly think that the picture was taken in the daytime. The quality of Sony infrared camera technology is outstanding, and wouldn’t you want that type of quality when guarding your home against invasion?

If you are a business owner, Sony infrared cameras are a wonderful bargain when it comes to the security of your business, especially if you are a business that closes up at night, as most businesses do. Sony infrared cameras allow you to provide additional security on your premises by viewing anyone prowling around. Even if you are not vandalized or burglarized, Sony infrared cameras allow you to view the activity going on around your premises. You never know – the presence of a Sony infrared camera might even foil a robbery.

Another little known use for Sony infrared cameras is taking pictures of the moon and stars. If you own a telescope, chances are you have noticed the difference in viewing when even the smallest amount of light is present around you. This is why observatories are built far from cities, such as in the remote high hills outside Los Angeles or in the vast Atacama Desert in the country of Chile. Using an infrared light source when viewing the moon, stars and planets allows astronomers to see their quarry much more easily.

There are some misconceptions about Sony infrared cameras. While they are often called “night vision cameras” due to the fact that they allow for pictures and video in the dark, they should not be confused with other Sony products such as the so-called “day/night cameras.” These are completely different products because day/night cameras do not have infrared.

Another misconception is that Sony infrared cameras can only be used in the dark. Though they are known for their capability of taking pictures in the darkness, by no means should they only be used for night time security. Sony infrared cameras can give great color pictures in the daylight. While night mode (i.e. infrared mode) pictures are taken in black and white, by no means are day time mode (i.e. color pictures) inferior.

Unfortunately, technology does not yet allow Sony infrared cameras to capture infrared pictures in color. The technology simply is not there yet. Perhaps one day a security camera will be able to protect you, your family and your business by actually “seeing in the dark.”

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