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To anyone who’s been buying consumer electronics for even a short period of time, Sony is not an unfamiliar name. Sony has been known to produce great electronic and digital products and some of its brands are thought to be among the best in their categories. All of us have stopped to admire the Sony Vaio laptops, Sony Playstation, music systems and other products at stores. One such product from Sony is their home theatre system. If you’re thinking of bringing home the movies, you definitely need to consider a Sony home theatre system.

The Sony home theater systems are built to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. Sony has two different lines of home theatre systems based on the technology each line uses. Also, products in each line are rightly put together to suit different budgets and different viewing styles of individuals. Finally, for those who like to mix and match, Sony home theatre also has component ‘speakers-only’ systems which work well if you would like to add more depth and quality to the viewing experience on your current TV. Therefore, everyone’s happy.

Bravia Home theater systems:
The Bravia home theatre systems start from $299 and go up to $799 with five models. These systems are on the lower price range and provide 1000 watts, 5.1channel surround sound and come with the S-AIR wireless speaker technology so you can enjoy listening in from any room. All 5 models play DVD and are backward compatible with VCD’s and DVD’s. The price difference in the models depends on the number and output quality of the speakers. For example the most expensive model – the Bravia Theatre micro system — costs $799 and has speakers that are very tiny but yet very powerful. They’re sure to leave your guests wondering about where the great sound effects are coming from! There are also quite a few models in this line that are quite affordable – three, actually – that are below $500 and are great value for money. They offer the same basic features – 1000 watts, 5.1 surround sound and S-AIR wireless speaker technology, which become, however, more affordable due to size, number and quality of speakers. Nonetheless, the systems still look absolutely stunning.

The best part about these systems is that they are available on easy installments from Sony, starting from as low as $15 per month. Also, there is no interest for the first 24 months on selected models and depending on outlet.

Blue-Ray disc home theatre:
This particular home theater system supports the latest Blu-ray format for movies and videos. It is also backward compatible with other formats. The Blu-Ray offers superior quality of video and audio and it is reflected in the Blu-ray Sony home theatre systems. These are slightly high-end products starting from $599 and going up to $1999. There are four models in this line. The most expensive model for $1999 gives you crystal clear HD videos at 1080p. This is not just for Blu-Ray Disc movies but also DVDs. This means no matter what format, your movies never looked this good. The 5.1 channel surround sound with S-AIR wireless technology speakers makes it possible to enjoy the experience from any room. The speakers themselves are stylishly slim and make great adornments to your living room. Along with these, this model comes with multiple other features that make not just movies, but even regular television viewing and music listening a thrilling experience. The other models in this line are similar to this one, minus a few features. In any case, each is designed to give you complete satisfaction of going to the movies. The only thing that they can’t do is making popcorn.

If you’re pining for these systems but think they’re way out of your budget, Sony’s got easy installment plans on these systems as well, below $60 per month, so you can enjoy your movies with a full heart and full pocket.

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    Sony is one of the best brands in the wworld. Their known for quality. Prices may be above other brands at times but they give you value for your money. I’m glad i found this article. Thanks.

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