Before we discuss Sony HDTV, we should probably talk about what HDTV is and why we even want it in the first place. HDTV stands for high definition television. With the same aspect as a movie theater screen (16:9) and three resolution levels to choose from, a picture is created that is more vivid, more realistic and sharper than ever before.

The resolution levels are 720p, 1080i or 1080p. The letter denotes the kind of scan the television needs to perform to display the picture, either interlaced or progressive. The numbers tell you how many lines are embedded within the signal. The more lines embedded, the greater the detail can be seen in the image. Traditional televisions, like what most of us grew up with, had only 480 lines so HDTV technology has doubled or better the image quality.

Ever since high definition televisions were introduced in the market way back in 1997, if there is one company that has surpassed all the rest in the capturing a major market share, and providing the consumers a unique television viewing experience, it has to be the consumer electronics stalwarts – Sony.

With digital transmission, stunning picture quality, near true to life colors and sleek designs that you will fall in love with instantly; Sony has provided a unique television viewing experience to its customers with the Bravia range of HD LCD TVs. Sony is known for making only the newest, state of the art products, not compromising on any aspect at all – looks and technology alike. This is the only reason why Sony HDTVs are priced a little higher than many other companies in the market. However, the few extra dollars that you shell out will get you an experience that you could have never even dreamed of with any of it’s competitors. After all, you really do get what you pay for.

BRAVIA is the sub brand Sony uses to sell its High Definition TVs, Home Theatre Systems and projection TVs. Although most of us are familiar with the name Bravia, few know what it actually stands for. True to the name BRAVIA products are “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”. This seems to be the ethos around which all Sony products are designed and manufactured. Sony HDTVs are not manufactured; they are rather crafted as unique pieces of art.

The latest from the Bravia stable is the Bravia XBR9. A true feast to your senses of sight and sound, it has the most advanced and sophisticated technology to ensure the most amazing television or movie viewing experience. It is not justified if we do not get into the tech aspects of it. A full HD 1080p resolution, the Sony trademark Motionflow Technology, 7 HD inputs that allow you to attach your PlayStaion, HD DVD Player and many other gadgets, 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a huge 52” screen, its all that you could have asked for and more. Though the price may seem a little steep, at $3,999.99, what you get in return is worth every penny that you spend. And as they say, quality does come with a price. However, one should not forget the fact that Sony products require very little maintenance and once bought; you can sit back and relax for a long time.

No matter which Sony HDTV model you end up choosing, you can be sure that you are purchasing one of the highest quality HDTVs available. The company is aggressively advancing the technology and creating better quality and more detail with every new model released. Despite the rather pricy number on the newest Bravia, the main body of Sony HDTV products are actually coming down in price rather quickly as the technology becomes more widespread.

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