Sony Digital Camcorder

With competition among the big players in camera production, now is a good time to purchase a digital camcorder. Not only can you find a compact Sony digital camcorder that shoots video with a 720p resolution, you can get your photos and videos from the same device.

When shopping around for a digital camcorder, there are many qualities you will want to consider. What are you using the camera for? This will determine how much zoom and memory you seek. If you only need video for online purposes, there are camcorders for the distinct purpose of shooting video and immediately posting to the web all within one device. On the other hand, if you are seeking high-quality productions such as wedding videography, there are cameras with enough resolution on them to necessitate more storage space.

When seeking a digital camcorder, consider the following features:

  • Optical zoom: the degree in which the image is brought closer through the lens.
  • Digital zoom: how much the image captured by the optical zoom is further magnified. While this feature is seemingly cool on the surface, when you zoom in using this feature, the image quality suffers and ends up looking grainy.
  • Touch panel: a screen that allows the user to use the menu with the touch of their fingertips.
  • Night Shot Plus: Sony technology that allows footage to be shot in the dark.
  • Steady Shot: Sony technology that uses sensors to limit the presence of unwanted movement in images, such as shaky hands. It’s possible, depending on why you need the camera, that you can simply use a tripod to get steady footage.
  • Hybrid recording: enables user to transfer footage to portable memory sticks so that the can shoot longer.
  • Easy Handycam: a feature that first-time users will enjoy. It is a user-friendly interface that takes most of the brainwork out of operating a digital camcorder.

Ranging from $169 to thousands of dollars, there are many levels of camcorders available. First up is the Webbie HD, $169-$199. This puppy lets you shoot video and share them with ease on websites. Meanwhile, the MiniDV Handycam ($250), is a value camera that offers 40x optical zoom, a 2000x digital zoom, a 2.5-inch touch panel, NightShot Plus and Easy Handycam button. The Handycam Camcorder ($449) offers an 80GB hard disk drove, a 60x optical and 2000x digital zoom, a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with image stabilization, hybrid recording and a 2.7-inch touch panel display. The High Definition DVD Handycam ($650) offers a 2.3 megapixel sensor, an image processor, 1920X1080 video, 4 megapixel still image capturing, face detection video technology, Hybrid Plus recording, 8 GB of internal memory and a built-in zoom mic. Other models of this variety are available at higher resolutions and larger touch panels for $1,000 to $2,000.

When shopping for a camcorder, make sure that it’s comfortable for you to use. Try them out, and practice the kind of shots that you anticipate yourself making after you bring the camera home. Megapixels aren’t as crucial to a camcorder unless you are also using the camera for still photos. Megapixels only count when you are shooting stills. Also consider the formats you would prefer to record and distribute your footage, and make sure the camera you choose easily operates in that format. Beware of companies, especially online, that will try to sell you accessories with your camera; it can quickly diminish a seemingly good deal.

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