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Few brands attract as much praise as the Sony Bravia range of flat screen televisions. Since it first appeared in 2005, it has been regarded by consumers and reviewers alike as the brand by which others are measured. With a long list of picture enhancement features, and with a strong focus on energy efficiency, it is not hard to see why the Sony Bravia range is so popular. These innovative features include the Bravia engine, MotionFlow, and LightSensor.

Sony is a Japanese corporation that was founded in 1946. It has long been a major player in the consumer electronics market, and is well known for making quality products that are both functional and stylish. Sony started out making radios but quickly moved into the new world of televisions, where it grew to become one of the largest manufacturers in the world. The Sony Trinitron range was one of the most successful television brands before flat screens. The Sony Bravia range is recreating that success in the modern age.

The Sony Bravia range features a large number of models that are grouped into series. There are about ten series in total, and each one has a name that is just a few letters long, such as the ZX series for example. Each of these Bravia series features both LCD and plasma models. Screen sizes across the entire range start at 19 inches and go up to 70 inches. With so many models, it can be pretty confusing and difficult trying to work out which Sony Bravia is the right one to buy. Once a decision has been made about the screen size, buyers then need to work out what features they required. This is the point where most get confused because they lack the knowledge required to make an informed decision.

When shopping for a new flat-screen television, one of the most common mistakes is to assume that a model is full high definition (HD) simply because the tuner is. The problem is that many screens do not have a resolution large enough to show full HD as it was meant to be seen. Full HD is essential for avoiding blurry pictures on larger screens, but it is not important to have it for smaller screens because the picture is resized to fit the lower resolution. Many models in the Sony Bravia range can show full high definition, and the Bravia enhancement engine makes the picture look even better.

Blurring is a common problem with most large flat screen televisions. The standard broadcast rate of fifty frames per second is adequate most of the time, but it is often too slow for movies and sports events with fast action scenes. Sony uses a technology called MotionFlow to reduce blurring,, which works by comparing two frames and adding extra frames between them. Basically, it makes action scenes appear smoother by updating the picture more often. Most Sony Bravia models have MotionFlow but some do not, so it pays to check before choosing which one to get.

Most Sony Bravia models also come with LightSensor technology. This innovative feature measures the ambient light level and adjusts the screen brightness to suit it. Bravia Sync allows the entire home entertainment system to be operated from just one remote control, avoiding the need to buy an expensive universal remote. Another great features is Bravia Link, which allows streaming media from the internet to be shown directly on the television. SteadySound automatically adjusts the volume control, and USB Photo Viewer allows a digital camera to be plugged directly into a Sony Bravia television.

A Sony Bravia television makes a great addition to any home theater setup, but it works best when combined with other Sony products. Blu-Ray disc players and home theater speaker systems are available that provide full high-definition picture and sound quality. The Sony PlayStation 3 is a powerful gaming console that can also play Blu-Ray discs. Detachable speaker grilles allow owners to change the appearance of their Sony Bravia television, and they are available in a range of colors, including platinum gold and ruby red.

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