Sony Blu-Ray Player

In today’s technology age, consumers are more, and more, demanding when it comes to the quality of media they enjoy. Correspondingly, audio/visual recording equipment is constantly improving. Sound quality has reached new heights of realism and visual advancements have turned our movies into immersive, realistic experiences.

With such luxuries available, people gravitate towards large, flat-screen televisions – that boast of high resolution picture quality and crisp, clear “surround sound” – and invest in costly sound systems, all in the name of that perfect viewing experience. Just as important as a high-tech display device, however, is the quality of the media it uses. For example, a DVD movie will not look any better on the latest high-tech displays, due to its limited storage capacity and, correspondingly, limited media quality.

Despite great strides made by movie producers, in creating high definition shows, DVD media proves woefully inadequate to provide consumers with the best viewer experience available. This deficiency led to the development of Blu-ray technology. Blu-ray discs can hold up to ten times the data of a DVD and have, effectively, removed the limitations on quality for the present. It allows for ten times the audio quality, and five times the video quality, in the same size, and convenience, of traditional DVDs. The next concern, however, is the hardware that makes this media work. A few players exist but the topic of this article is that of the Sony Blu-ray Player. Various models exist, each with its own specific advantages over others.

The BDP-S360 features HD picture quality, back up by Deep Colour technology for beautiful, smooth, realistic images. Additionally, 24p True Cinema provides for cinema quality viewing pleasure from the comfort of home. It also comes fully equipped to decode HD Audio for near-perfect HD Surround Sound Quality, and the best movie experience for users. Also, it boasts of a comparatively quick start-up, only six seconds, between turning on the player and being ready to play the disc.

The XrossMediaBar enhanced user interface, similar to the user interface the Sony Playstation 3, is just as satisfying as the viewing quality itself, making navigation a breeze – a common problem with less user-friendly players. Finally, the Sony Blu-ray Player S360 can take advantage of BD Live, which provides all sorts of extras for users. These include bonus features, game, trailers for upcoming movies, interviews with the cast etc.

The BDP-S5000ES boasts most of the features of the previous model with some features of its own such as faster access to BD Live, 1 GB built-in storage for downloaded content and a powerful D/A (digital to analog) converter for excellent analog video output. It also features HD Upscale technology which actually converts standard definition signals into high-definition signals for viewing on your HD TV. Finally, it has state of the art sound terminals for perfect audio output to top off a truly magnificent movie experience.

Sony Blu-ray Players are fully backward compatible (they can still play your old DVDs) with a wide array of variable features to turn a living room into a fully equipped home theater. Blu-Ray technology has done what DVDs once did; it has pushed the boundaries restraining media technology and created a user experience with limitless future possibilities. Gorgeous, high resolution video quality with deep, vivid colours and crisp, clear surround sound are no longer a movie cinema luxury. Prices for such advanced media hardware have also dropped dramatically, since their original introduction, making them newly available to a wider scope of users. Sony brings this technology right into the home, providing for a realistic cinema experience anytime.

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