Solar Fountain Pump

Outdoor water fountains are a beautiful way to decorate your landscape. If you have a water fountain then a fountain pump is essential to ensure that your fountain works properly. Many have chosen to use a solar fountain pump as opposed to the traditional pumps. Solar fountain pumps allow you to provide power to your fountain without the use of batteries. Solar pumps use solar power in order to function. They provide many benefits over the more traditional pond or fountain pumps. Power lines and cables are not needed which saves you the time of digging up your yard to properly cover the cables. And, since solar power does not cost anything, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bills when operating your fountain pump.

Standard or traditional fountain pumps use battery power packs as well as many electrical lines. These are much harder and take more time to install because you have to ensure that the lines and cables are properly buried to prevent damage. Solar fountain pumps do not require electrical lines and cables. They do however, have a battery power pack. When the sun is shining on the solar panel of the pump, electricity is produced that will power the pump and charge the battery pack. When the sun goes down or is covered by clouds, the battery power pack takes over the operation of running the pump. The sunlight during the daytime powers the pump until sunset. Once sunset begins and there is not enough solar power left to properly operate the pump, the battery pack takes over using the stored solar power from throughout the day. This gives you uninterrupted fountain flow and the battery pack allows you to run the fountain pump throughout the night. When the sun once again rises, the solar power will again begin to run the fountain and the battery power pack will begin storing solar energy to run the fountain again at night.

The solar panel that is used to provide power to the fountain pump will convert sunlight into energy by a photovoltaic effect. This is a different type of solar power system than what you typically see in solar panels used to heat water from pipes. The solar cells in the panel system are created from several thin layers of silicon. When the sun rises and the cells are exposed to sunlight, electrons are released which generate the electrical current needed to power the pump.

You can find several different types and sizes of fountain pump kits that are solar powered. If you are planning to implement a solar power pump on your fountain you will first need to determine the size that you need. This will depend on the size of your fountain as well as your personal preferences. The main and only truly notable difference between a solar powered fountain pump and a traditional or standard pump is the fact that solar powered pumps require no electrical lines or cables and do not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. This allows you to run the pump constantly if you wish without worrying about your energy costs.

There are some solar fountain pumps that do not come with a battery or battery pack. These will not operate at night. If you are planning to run your fountain constantly, even at night and on overcast days, you will need to invest in a model that has a battery power pack. You should also be very careful to never operate the pump without ensuring that it is completely covered by water. The fountain should be cleaned periodically to ensure that algae do not grow on the pump which can cause clogs. You can place a solar powered pump virtually anywhere you wish since they do not require electricity. It is important however to ensure that the solar panels are placed in direct sunlight in order to ensure that you get enough solar power to the pump to operate it. Solar fountain pumps are considered to be very environmentally friendly. They require no nonrenewable resources in order to operate, emit no harmful emissions and have no negative effects on the environment.

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