Solar Driveway Alarm

In this day and age, it’s always a good idea taking precautions to safeguard your home and your possessions… you know how the saying goes, it’s better safe than sorry. If you live in a secluded house, you probably have already installed an alarm, but there are other devices which may be useful to reinforce your security systems. A good example of such a device (which is getting increasingly popular nowadays) is a solar driveway alarm. This is a very simple and inexpensive device that is nonetheless very efficient, in helping you remain aware of when someone enters your property.

You probably know what a driveway alarm is; these gadgets are usually installed in a tactical position by the side of the road leading to your home, so you know when a car (and sometimes even a person) traverses the path that’s being monitored by the driveway alarm. When the special sensor system installed in the driveway is triggered, it will send a signal to a receiver that you can install inside your house, or in some cases carry along with you. It could be a sound, a flashing light or both; you may choose a discreet warning so the intruders don’t know you’re aware of their presence, or a loud warning that will encourage said intruders to go away. This way, no one will able to enter or exit your grounds without you knowing.

Solar driveway alarms are in high demand these days, because they are just as efficient as traditional driveway alarms, with a major difference: since they can draw power from solar energy and store such energy in a internal battery, they will keep working even if there is a power outage. If you’re looking for a good solar driveway alarm at the best prices, you have found the right website; we are always looking for the best devices at the best prices to keep our catalog up to date, so that our customers can find everything they need in this page, without losing their valuable time.

Different types of solar driveway alarms
If you’ve just started looking for a driveway alarm to enhance the security system in your household, you might be overwhelmed because there are so many different models to choose from. Even when it comes specifically to solar powered driveway alarms, the decision process isn’t always easy, since are there several variables to think about, such as cost, efficiency, range, customization and many others. In our opinion, there are two essential variables you should look for, when looking for the right driveway alarm: the range and the trigger system.

Needless to say, you should get a driveway alarm with a good enough range to cover the distance between your home and the actual driveway you want to monitor. So if you don’t know the exact distance, it might be a good idea measuring that to begin with. Just to be safe, you should get an alarm that clearly covers this distance. For example, if the distance between the drive way and your home is 700 feet, you might want to get an alarm that works up to 1000 feet away from the receivers. This is a good idea since you may decide to change the sensor to another place further down the road, later on.

Another important feature you should mindfully look for when choosing your driveway alarm is the sensors activation method. Many cheap devices will give a lot of false alarms, since they will get triggered when a animal goes by… or even with just a strong gust of wind. If you want to get a driveway alarm exclusively for detecting the passage of cars, we recommend choosing an electromagnetic model that’s only activated by moving metal. That way, you’ll know for sure that when the alarm sounds inside your house, a vehicle just drove by the road leading to your home.

Where to install your solar driveway alarm
Installing a driveway alarm is actually quite simple and straightforward, and you’ll probably be able to do it yourself without the need for a specialized technician… especially if you’re using a solar driveway alarm. Even though the sensors are usually small and discreet, you should make sure to put them in a place where they remain undetected, while making sure they have a good solar exposition. For example, you can hide them behind a road sign or a stone marker, so that a person coming into your property won’t be able to see it until they have crossed through.

If you keep the alarm in a visible spot, the potential intruders may be able to see it and avoid crossing it, so it’s a good idea spending some time finding the perfect placement for your alarm. These devices are intended for outdoor usage, so you can rest assured they are quite resistant. Even if someone accidentally steps on the detector, that will be unlikely to cause any damage. Also, driveway solar alarms are also weatherproof, since they are meant to be exposed to the elements for years or even decades.

Even though they’re called driveway alarms, you don’t necessarily have to place them in your driveway. If you have a big lawn surrounding your house, you may want to get several sensors places strategically, and you can program them to make a loud noise or trigger a warning light if a person happens to walk by. In this case, you want to get a solar sensor that’s meant to detect the passage of people, as well as cars.

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