Socket 939 Motherboards

A motherboard is the primary circuit board inside of a computer and is also known as the brains of the computer. This is where the central processing unit (CPU) is as well as the memory, drives, expansion slots and other peripheral devices are connected. The motherboard facilitates the communication between devices in the computer and is such is a critical component for performance.

AMD released the first socket 939 motherboard in June 2004. It superseded the socket 754 motherboard. The socket 939 motherboard was then superseded by the Socket AM2 in 2006. The socket 939 motherboard is compatible with the AMD64 processors. The socket 939 motherboard actually has nine hundred and thirty nine sockets that will match up with the pins on the Athlon 64. AMD stopped making the socket 939 motherboard in 2006. In 2009, a company by the name of ASRock also released a socket 939 motherboard. This one uses the AMD 785 IGP chipset and a SB710 southbridge. The Athlon64, Athlon 64-FX, Athlon 64-X2, Sempron and Opteron single and dual core processors are manufactured for the socket 939 motherboard. The fastest single core processor that supports the socket 939 motherboard is the FX-57.

The socket 939 motherboard is a lot less expensive to use when building your own computer. AM2, AM2+ and AM3 socket systems are more expensive. The ASRock 939 socket motherboard gives support for the Athlon 64 bit dual core CPU with 4 GB dual channel pc-3200 DDR in 4 slots. You’ll have your choice to use a 1.5v 4x or 8x AGP video graphics card or the PCI-16 graphics card. SATA ports support RAID0 1 and JBOD. The motherboard also has a single eSATA2 connector. There are also 4 USB ports. The socket 939 motherboard supports dual channel DDR SDRAM memory and has a 6.4 GB/s memory bandwidth. The video slots on this motherboard have both AGP slots and PCI-Ex16 slots.

The Asus A8N-LA GeForce 6150 LE Socket 939 mATX Motherboard w/Video/Sound & LAN is one to look at. Its features are NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE chipset nForce 430 Southbridge Socket 939 mATX form factor. It supports up to 4 GB PC3200/2700 Non-ECC DDR RAM Dual Channel Memory Architecture. It also has integrated video graphics Realtek ALC883 8-channel High Definition Audio codec. It also comes with eight USB 2.0 ports so you can get transfer speeds up to 40 times faster at 480 Mbps. This Asus A8N-LA Socket 939 mATX Motherboard supports AMD Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64 and Sempron Socket 939 CPUs with 2000/1600 MT/s Front Side Bus.

The Supermicro H8SSL-i Server Motherboard for AMD Opteron is a 939 socket motherboard. It features Single AMD® Opteron Support, is Dual Core Ready and has an 800 MHz HyperTransport Link. There is a HT1000 chipset and upt to 4 GB DDR 400/333 SDRAM. It uses up to 4 SATA drives and has a dual-port Boradcom BCM5704C Gigabit LAN/Ethernet controller. It also has 1x 64-bit PCI-X 133MHz & 2x 32-bit PCI 33MHz slots; ATI RageXL 8MB Graphics & VGA port.

The Tomcat K8E-SLI (S2866) is a 939 motherboard that is great for entry level users. It has support for AMD Athlon 64, 64 FX, X2, and Opteron 100 series dual core processors. It also features NVIDIA SLI dual PCI Express graphics cards support and also for up to 4GB Unbuffered DDR400 memory with ECC/non-ECC and ChipKill support. Other features include Serial ATA-II with RAID, Audio and FireWire (1394a) and multiple USB 2.0 ports. It fits into most chassis enclosures on the market. When shopping for a new 939 motherboard you can ask for assistance at your local computer retail stores. You can also find more information online by reading the various reviews.

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