Snapper Mowers

When you hear the name Snapper, you immediately associate it with one of the top residential and commercial lawn mowers. This brand has been producing quality lawn mowers that people who love to cut their lawns have depended on for many years. If you buy a snapper lawn mower you have a fine piece of lawn equipment that will last for decades.

After 50 years of making high quality lawn mowers, the Snapper Company was sold to the Simplicity Company in 2002. In 2004, the Briggs and Stratton Company obtained the then integrated Simplicity and Snapper Company. All Snapper lawn mowers are made at a single factory in McDonough Georgia and they have been continuously made there since 1951. Snapper law mowers are recognized by their color, which is affectionately called “Snapper Red.”

Snapper invented the first rear engine riding lawn mower and the first self-propelled rotary mower. These are high quality machines that you can find being sold by distributors all over the United States. You can also buy them online now as well. Snapper makes various models to choose from: walk behind, yard and garden tractor models, riding lawn mowers and zero turn models

Walk-Behind Models
Their entry level model is the Snapper walk-behind model. A walk-behind model can be used whether your yard is large or small. The walk behind models are either self propelled or push mowers and they are made if 4 different series: HI-VAC, mulching, Pivot-N-Go and SE Series. The HI-VAC series are the high volume bag law mowers that have a top discharge motor. The mulching series lawn mowers feature Snapper’s famous Ninja mulching system. They also come with a 21 inch cutting deck. If you want a larger cutting deck then you should choose one of the SE series. These models have a cutting deck up to 22 inches. Snapper’s self-propelled units have a mulching blade that mulches the grass rather than chopping it. The ones that are self propelled go even faster when you push the handle forward more.

Riding Lawn Mower Models
IF you want to choose a riding lawn mower you can choose from their heavy-duty tractor models, a rear engine riding lawn mower model or one of their zero turn models. There are 2 series for each type to choose from as well, each having various attractive features. For example, the rear engine models have a 12-inch turning radius and a side discharge. The zero turn units have a hydrostatic transmission and precision control. The zero turn units can turn on a dime and are great for cutting around trees and shrubs and fence posts. The HI VAC models literally almost vacuum your lawn clean with their tremendous suction power.

No matter which model you choose from it will feature one of the Briggs & Stratton engines. The Briggs & Stratton engines guarantee that these mowers will start easily every time with no need to prime or choke it. The Fresh Start fuel cap on the Snapper lawn mowers will keep the gas fresh for up to 6 months. If you buy a walk-behind model the lawnmower handle is easy to adjust to your desired height. You can find all kinds of replacement parts for the Snapper lawn mowers at distributors everywhere. You can also order replacement parts online. If you are looking for a good quality lawn mower you won’t go wrong with a snapper lawn mower. Whatever your landscaping needs are you will be able to find the right sized lawn mower for it. Look for these lawn mowers in local retail garden and lawn mower stores. You can find various distributors online as well.

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