The dream is here: mobile phone users can now e-mail, jam to music, navigate a highway and conduct business all with the use of a mobile phone, without the assistance of a personal computer. The smartphone is an advanced phone that acts much like a personal computer. There is more than one definition for what constitutes a smartphone. For some, to be a smartphone, the device must run a complete operating system and have a platform for applications. For others, a smartphone is merely a phone with advanced capabilities such as e-mail, Internet connectivity and a full keyboard. The many functions and large memory capacity of smartphones have blown standard mobile phones out of the water in terms of competition.

For those who think the smartphones are too expensive, many cell phone providers market refurbished phones. Often, these refurbished phones have been barely used, yet marked down substantially. However, the refurbished phones aren’t for everybody. Many would rather opt for a new model of they’re going to be spending money anyway, just to increase their chances of a stand-up performance. Refurbished consumers also must keep in mind that purchasing a smartphone probably means an increase in monthly cell phone fees. And let’s not forget the expense of smartphone accessories and applications. While usually not required (except for chargers), these additions will enhance your smartphone usage.

Below you will find descriptions of the most popular smartphone models:

The Apple iPhone 3G boasts more than 25,000 downloadable application, phone, iPod, Internet capabilities and more. Their G3 network makes for fast wireless technology and there’s GPS mapping and Microsoft compatibility available. As such, the iPhone is in essence a phone, music player and Internet connection all wrapped into one device. With its “intelligent keyboard,” users can call or send a text by simply tapping on somebody’s name. E-mail, calendars, and contact management through Microsoft Exchange ar eother offerings of the iPhone. The device even includes a scientific calendar and foreign language support.

The Palm Treo 800w is a Windows smartphone that offers users the option of receiving their work e-mails on their palm device. Like the iPhone, the Palm offers wireless service at 3G speeds. Built-in GPS and one-touch WiFi are other offerings of the Palm. The interface has a look and feel of the Windows program, and you can download, view and edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and ZIP files on the device.

The Motorola Q Global boasts a 2-magapizel camera with advanced imaging, digital zoom and a built-in flash. It is music and video enabled through Windows Media Player and is equipped with dual speakers. Continuous battery time is measured for up to 330 minutes while in use and 456 to 720 hours on standby, depending on the type of battery you use. The device also supports up to 8 separate inboxes and is Bluetooth compatible.

The HP iPaq 910c is a business phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Hands-free technology makes it even easier to enter text, and like the other devices, a GPS is included. Quad-band technology allows you to make calls and access Internet all over the world. The device’s GPS is available in multiple modes, including GoogleMaps, and you can access WiFi from any hotspot. This device is recognized by the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award.

The HTC Touch Diamond has a 2.8-inch touch screen and boasts a sleek, stylish presence. You can YouTube, Google and Wikipedia on this device just as you do on a computer, and its makers liken the device to a notebook. Contacts, favorite music, videos and photos can all be integrated and stored via the TouchFlo 3D feature, and the device has 4GB of storage. A built-in camera of 3.2 megapixels contains auto-focus.

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