Slush Machine

Slush machines are machines that are used to make drinks from flavored crushed ice. These drinks are common in hot summer days and can be found in many fast food establishments and carnivals alike. Slush drinks are also known as “Slushies” and even “Snow Cones” which depend on how they are served.

A slushie may seem similar to other ice-based drinks such as many alcoholic drinks, but the main difference between them is that slush machines do not use ice cubes to make the drink. Instead, they use water to create churned ice. The reason this method is preferred is because the ice that is formed is coherent. The usual time to make slush drinks from these machines is about half to one hour. However, this depends completely upon the machine and its capabilities.

There are many different types of shush machines. They are purchased by stores according to how the drink will be served. Self-service machines are usually kept within metal containers so that the machine faces the least of damage from customers. There are also plastic machines which are generally used if the drink is to be served by employees. The slush machine usually contains large clear tanks, a mixer and a cooling cylinder. Slush drinks are made by pouring water into one tank while another tank contains the syrup, which is usually made by adding a certain amount of water to artificial flavorings. The two are then mixed together and are then sent to the cooling cylinder where they are cooled to the correct level.

The quality of a slush drink depends on its temperature and the texture of the ice that is used to make the drink. Therefore, the drinks which are collected on the container have paddles that repeatedly mix the drink so that the consistency of the ice is not altered. The drinks are kept at their optimum temperature with the help of many temperature sensors and controllers that are employed by the machines. It is usually seen that slush makers make mixtures for each day so that the drink is available fresh. Otherwise, they keep the slush machine running over night so that the quality does not change when the drink is stationary for so long. The container has faucets or nozzles attached to them to allow the drink to be poured and ready to be slurped.

When buying a slush machine, a factor to consider is the availability of space. The size of a slush machine depends hugely upon its intended use. Commercial machines tend to be very large, being as tall and as wide as about 4 feet. For those who are willing to buy one to be used at home, there are smaller models available which take up just as much space as a blender. However, home models do not have a cooling capability and require crushed or cubed ice to be inserted into the machine. The downside of this is that the quality of the produced drink is not up to the standards of those available in stores.

Slush machines can be bought from many different places. Internet markets such as have both brand new and used slush machines. They can also be ordered from a number of catalogs, and many retailers such as Walmart sell them. The price of a slush machine varies greatly depending on the type and size of the machine. Prices can also have a significant difference if the machine in consideration is used or brand new. The large, commercial machines when bought new can cost from $1000 to $5000. The smaller machines that are built for home use have prices ranging from $50 to $150.

After successfully buying a slush machine, there comes the time to install it. Though almost all the slush machines have instructions and support manuals included with them, they are usually very complicated and difficult to go through. There is also a matter of supplying the correct amount of power which may be greater than other household appliances and also creating a method for the waste water to be disposed of properly. All in all, it is always a good idea to get a professional to install the machine rather than doing it alone. Though it may cost a few extra dollars, it is worth it when compared to any damage or any form of malfunction caused by improper installation.

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