Slurpee Maker

The term slurpee refers to a frozen beverage which is sold at various 24/7 convenience stores across the world. Slurpees sold in the United States are carbonated while slurpees sold in Canada are non-carbonated. The slurpee was originally invented when sodas were frozen as a way to make them colder. The beverage turned into an icy beverage which was strikingly similar to a slushy. The result of this was the creation of slurpees which are often based on flavors of soda.

Slurpees are made with a slurpee maker. This is a machine which consists of various dispensers for the slurpee to be served. Each dispenser will serve a different flavor but this can be customized by the store that is using the slurpee maker. The slurpee maker will maintain the necessary temperature to provide a slurpee in the condition that it is most enjoyed. Older slurpee machines required the temperature to maintain at 28 degrees to keep the necessary texture and consistency. Also, there is a tank within the slurpee maker which combines the water, flavored syrup, and any other ingredients into the slurpee before it is dispensed from the machine.

The store owner has the ability to decide where exactly the slurpee maker is in the store and whether it is a self-serve machine or not. Most models of slurpee makers are now designed to be effective for self-serve use and can be placed anywhere in the store. The self-serve option allows customers to mix up the flavors that they want in their slurpee and is also more convenient for the store owner and cashiers as well.

Is a Slurpee a Slushy?

Many people think that slurpees and slushies are the exact same thing but they are not. Slurpees are frozen carbonated beverages. Slushies are frozen non-carbonated beverages. In Canada, slurpee products are non-carbonated. While they may be marketed as slurpees, they are really slushies. Surprisingly, many people do not realize the major difference between the two.

Popularity of the Slurpee Maker

Slurpees have increased in popularity tremendously over the last few years. Due to the popularity increase there has also been a major increase in slurpee flavors. There are even special slurpee cups which feature popular wrestlers, sports teams, and more.

With the popular of slurpees on the constant incline there has become a need for slurpee makers being made available for purchase. There are now three different brands that are well known for manufacturing slurpee makers. Two of the brands are Cornelius and Lancer which are both very popular in the United States. The other brand is Taylor which is more popular in Canada.

Buying a Slurpee Maker
If you are looking into buying a slurpee maker for home or store use then you will want to look at the products offered by the three companies that were just mentioned. If you would prefer to purchase a used slurpee maker then you could resort to an auction web site, a local buy sell and trade, or a similar outlet. If you are wanting to own a slurpee maker at home then you may also want to look online at the various slurpee recipes. There are many mixtures of flavors which create an amazing blend. As you do not already have the flavors pre-determined you will be able to experiment and find a unique flavor which you enjoy.

Slurpees are highly enjoyed by many individuals across the world. The popularity of the drink and the machine that makes it has increased tremendously since the beverage was first introduced to the public. Now, you can find slurpees (USA) and slushies (Canada) in just about every convenience store that you go to. Slurpee makers are also very popular and now many people purchase them for home use as well. This article has covered some of the basic details of slurpees and the machines that make them but you may want to further research the technology behind these machines to get a better understanding on how exactly they work.

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