Slide Out Range Hood

Using your range hood is very important when cooking since cooking can produce unhealthy air particles that can be distributed to other rooms in the house. This why you find grease build up on the walls and curtains in other rooms besides just the kitchen. One way to cut down on these unhealthy contaminates being released in the air is to always use a range hood when cooking. There are all kinds of range hoods on the market to choose from. They come in various makes, styles, finishes and colors.

When shopping for a range hood make sure you look at what is available in the slide out range hood style. The slide out range hood is an innovative solution for small kitchen ventilation. There are several makes and models on the market to choose from. They all have an extremely slim profile and are hardly noticed in the room at all. When the slide out range hood is not being used it retracts in and almost disappears under the cabinet. Most of them will have a light on them that you can use when cooking which makes it easier to see. These range hoods are usually built with strong fans that will efficiently draw out all of the smoke, steam and grease particles that are produced during cooking.

Your range hood should be at least as wide as your range top. Most slide out range hoods come in various sizes so make sure you select the appropriate size for your range. These range hoods use updraft venting. The venting ducts are installed in the cabinet over the range. If you are a handy man you can install your own new slide out range hood. Otherwise, you will need to hire it professionally installed for you. Look for a slide out range hood that has an easy to clean filter. Some filters on the various models can be run through the dishwasher for cleaning.

DeLonghi makes a good slide out range hood. They have one available in white and one in stainless steel. The front sliding rail is easy to pull out and it has removable aluminum mesh filters that are easy to clean. The filters collect 98% of contaminates that are produced during cooking. The fan is very quiet and has three speeds. The fan can be used to re-circulate the air in the kitchen. It will effectively draw out their air through the updraft vent as well.

GE makes a similar looking slide out range hood. The GE model comes in a cabinet width of 30 or 36 inches. It comes in brushed aluminum or black on black. This slide out range hood has a transparent glass visor that slides in and out. The variable speed fan motor is a powerful 300 CFM, strong enough to remove smoke and vapors efficiently. This slide out range hood also has updraft ventilation with the ducting installed through the top of the hood, through the cabinet and up through the roof.

One really cool looking slide out range hood on the market by GE is their modern style canopy slide out range hood. If you have a contemporary kitchen this is the right range hood for you. It comes in stainless steel or black. This is the perfect slide out range hood as a stand alone hood that is installed over the cook top. It is wall mounted for a contemporary or industrial look. It has a retractable glass canopy with seamless edges and front mounted touch controls. This model has a powerful 500 CFM fan that sucks up the smoke and steam and a multilevel halogen light with 6 intensity levels. The filters are easily removed for cleaning. There are many other makes and models on the market to choose from as well.

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