Slide-in Electric Range

Most modern kitchens focus less on majesty and more on utility. In fact, modern architectural trends have shifted toward making the kitchen comparatively smaller to make room for other parts of the house. While it does end up well for the other parts of the household, it often does not bode well for the kitchens themselves. For one thing, having a smaller area severely decreases the amount of space in the kitchen, making it difficult to fit in many components, including even the most necessary ones – including kitchen ranges.

However, as we just saw, these kitchens do not have enough room to mount a full-sized built-in range, and in order to compensate for that, slide-in ranges need to be installed. Although this choice may seem odd at first, in reality, it is the only feasible way to make sure that there is enough free space to on the countertop, which is one of the main requirements of an efficiently designed kitchen. Also, many kitchens require additional space for the mounting of equipment such as wall ovens, which makes normal ranges more difficult to mount. Thus, slide-in variants are considered to be superior alternatives in such cases.

For cramped kitchens, electric downdraft-based slide-in ranges are the best options, since they make use of special ducts located in the floor or the kitchen cupboards to draw in heat, grease and steam. This essentially eliminates the need of a separate ventilation hood in the kitchen, since the main vents are located at the midpoint of the surface of cooking.

Slide-in ranges are ideal for installation on kitchen islands, without requiring the installation of a separate overhead ventilation system. This is a tried and tested combination which has never failed to satisfy customers. Although it may not seem like a very feasible option for the removal of grease and steam from the kitchen, the truth is a most pleasant surprise. The performance of the slide-in electric ranges are truly stunning – at least on par with that of complete overhead ventilation units, if not better, while taking up only a fraction of space in the kitchen.

Prices of slide-in electric ranges usually peak out at approximately USD $2,000 and such high-end models always include the additional electric downdraft feature, which is actually worth every cent you pay for it. These ranges also come with excellent warranty programs, averaging at five years, inclusive of electronic parts, flat cooking surfaces and other elements.

Many slide-in electric ranges include a host of additional features, such as a cooking surface that can be easily wiped clean, and a convection oven. The convection oven, while being a great piece of technology, may take a while to become familiarized too; but its operation is made easier due to the presence of an automatic conversion option, which can help to prevent unwanted accidents from occurring. The convection ovens can also be used to dry food which has gone damp.

Among the slide-in electric ranges currently available on the market, Jenn-Air models are considered the best. Most of them come equipped with electric downdraft mechanisms, and are extremely durable and high-performance pieces of machinery. They are quite expensive, especially the dual-fuel models. However, the models which use gas alone are considerably easier to clean.

The main advantage of slide-in electric ranges is their considerably lower running costs. They also provide better and more consistent emission of heat, which makes baking and cooking substantially easier. Slide-in electric ranges also eliminate the possibilities of fire hazards and gas leakages, since no gas is utilized in their mechanism. They also require less cleaning and maintenance, and are the best choice for casual cooking.

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