Sirius Car Antenna

A lot of people these days are opting for a Sirius car radio in their automobiles. Most people love music and can not think of driving without having their radio on. A Sirius satellite radio will provide them with their favorite music at all hours of the day and night. For a Sirius car radio to work properly you will need to get a Sirius car antenna. This is especially true if you will be driving in low reception areas.

A Sirius car antenna will receive the signals broadcast by satellites owned by Sirius Satellite Radio. It will convert the high frequency signals being received by your Sirius satellite car radio into low frequency signals that are then played through your cars radio. These antennas can also be used for car television services. Long distance drivers can enjoy listening to their favorite radio programs as they drive anywhere across the United States and Canada. The antenna is identified with the Sirius logo that is imprinted on it. You need reliable reception to listen to your car satellite car radio and only the Sirius antenna can give it to you. Monster makes the Sirius car antennas. The easily plug into any Sirius enabled car stereo or Plug & Play tuner. The antenna has a solid magnetic base mount that attaches to the roof of your car. You do not need to do any drilling to attach it. The magnet is strong enough to hold on to any metal part of your car. You will be able to receive satellite radio signals in all kinds of weather with one of these antennas. You can listen to any programming you enjoy while commuting to and from work, on long road trips. These radios are very popular with long distance truck drivers too.

The Sirius car antenna has been specially designed to receive Sirius signals. These antennas are low profile and have a detachable tail piece with a right angle SMB connector. There is also a 21 foot cable. Every Monster Sirius car antenna is sold with a one year warranty as well. The antenna will pick up over 130 digital streams of news, talk, music, sports programming and entertainment. The Monster Sirius car antenna sells for around $20 and can be found for sale on various websites. You can also buy a Tram Square car antenna for your Sirius car radio. It has a 90 degree SMB connection that plugs into the antenna jack on your radio. It also has a magnetic base that will cling to any steel surface. You can also use the convenient adhesive pad that comes with it if you want to make a permanent place for it. It sells for around $23 and you can find it online or at a local electronics store. There is also a Tram Interloper Sirius car antenna on the market. Another one for your satellite car radio is the Browning magnetic Sirius antenna that works with you satellite car radio. This one is also a square shaped antenna with a 90 degree SMB connection. You also have the option to mount it with an adhesive pad or simply use any magnetic surface since it has a magnetic base also. The Browning care antenna for Sirius radio sells for $30.

The Sirius Dot Micro Antenna is another one for your car radio. You can mount it to the trunk of your car. It will work with any single input Sirius receiver. It is shaped like a round puck and has a 21 foot cable. It is also magnetic for easy mounting. You can find it for sale for around $30 as well.

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