Single Serving Rice Cooker

A single serving rice cooker is much like the name suggests – an appliance which merely cooks a single serving, or small amount, of rice. There are various capacities of rice cookers available in the marketplace and these are typically arranged by the amount of rice that they can hold and cook. Whereas, many people may be interested in the larger sized rice cookers, some of us who simply want to cook a small amount of rice on an irregular basis. The measurements are usually defined in cup size and the smaller models will usually only be able to fit 1 – 3 cups of rice.

A single serving rice cooker will generally use three different cooking processes and these are:

Simple heat transfer – this is the most common method of cooking rice that is used in the majority of rice cookers. This will involve heat being provided to the heating plate once the cooker is turned on. The heater will start and bring the water in the pan to boiling point. As long as there is enough water in the pan you will find that the temperature remains constant. This is possible by the use of a temperature sensor which will be able to detect the rising temperature once the last of the water has boiled and evaporated away. When this occurs the rice cooker with then either switch itself off or go into “keep warm” mode.

Fuzzy logic – this is the specific term used for rice cookers that use microprocessor controls. These controls will monitor the speed at which the temperature rises and is able to make certain adjustments to the overall cooking time. It is also able to adjust the actual temperature that is supplied to the pan. This form of technology can make allowances for external factors such as rice being cooked on a cold day. Fuzzy logic will also take certain internal factors into consideration which will include cooking different types of rice. You will also find that this type of technology will offer you a far greater range of control. You are able to select from a far wider range of programs that allow you to cook your rice to your own individual preference. An example of this would be if you like your rice dryer or wetter than normal.

Induction heating – this is typically the technology that is used in the majority of top of the range rice cookers. Induction heating will not use a heating plate to supply heat, but rather the inner pan itself is able to generate heat. This will involve a magnetic field being generated inside the rice cooker which will then react with the inner cooking pan. This, in turn, will produce heat within the inner pan. The main advantage of induction heating is that heat is likely to be far more evenly distributed around the whole inner pan. This will also allow the temperature to be quickly adjusted. You will also find that single serving rice cookers that use induction heating technology are easier to clean as the heat inside is controlled far more accurately.

One of the most popular single serving rice cookers is the Zojirushi Micom NS-LAC05. This model can, in fact, store up to 3 cups of rice, but is still effectively a single serving rice cooker. This model has a wide array of menu selections and is able to cook many foods such as white rice, brown rice, porridge, sushi and quick cooking rice. The Zojirushi has a non-stick inner cooking pan, a measuring cup, a non-stick rice spatula, as well as a keep warm function. It also uses fuzzy logic technology and has an LCD timer and clock. This will allow you to start cooking rice while you are away from the kitchen. Should you be delayed or forget about rice then the automatic warmer function will kick in, thus insuring you have perfect rice. This is probably the best rice cooker for a single person, a couple or small family.

Single serving rice cookers are proving to be extremely popular and they seem to fit perfectly in today’s lifestyle. You are able to prepare an entire meal without ever having to worry about overcooking or burning ingredients. You will actually find that many rice cookers are also capable of steaming meat and vegetables, as well as soups, stews and breakfast cereals. A rice cooker is extremely easy to use and generally you need to combine water and rice and then simply press a button. Many rice cookers now come in the cool touch variety. They will typically have hinged lids which will ensure that steam and moisture are sealed in. They are very much like a traditional rice cooker, however, as the inner pot is sealed inside the cooker, this will ensure that the cooker is cool to touch throughout the whole cooking process.

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